Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
Me too! But I'm not a dragon.
Sat Aug 26, 2017 23:06

Anssi had never been to a Halloween party before, or even celebrated it at all. But now that he was living in America, Halloween was apparently just the right thing to do. He still didn’t really understand why. The African teacher in their culture class had done some themed lessons leading up to the school-wide Halloween party, and some of the activities seemed like they could almost sort of explain what the day was meant to be about while the rest of them were just confusing additions that made the possibly not-confusing ones make less sense than before. He had come out of it with some mashup of devils and pumpkins and dancing skeletons. On top of which, he learned that American kids dressed up in random costumes and ate candy from strangers all night?

...Maybe his still-imperfect English was the reason why he was struggling to figure out what the point of Halloween was. Whatever it was, though, his big brother seemed to like it, so that was a good sign.

After some curious (if hesitant) questions among his classmates, the Finno-Swede had established that RMI’s Halloween party, which the Headmaster was putting on, would probably contain all these bizarre components. That meant he needed a costume, and according to some of the more enthusiastic students, no, it wasn’t optional, which he had immediately known would be a big challenge as he’d never dressed up in costume before. Stumped and without a clue where to start, he had asked more curious (still hesitant) questions every night in the Draco commons for a week and written up a bullet-point, badly spelled list of opinions from random students of what the best type of costume was. Then he had mailed his parents, of course. And they had come through: between the two of them, the box they sent back contained all sorts of small accessories from some Halloween store in Houston. (Imagine that - a whole store for one holiday!)

He was pretty pleased with the result. Pairing his own shirt and jeans with the lot of it, Anssi had eagerly (if yet again hesitantly) trotted down to the Quidditch pitch. He had peeked into the daycare space to say hi to Ruben, who had frowningly waved to him and then almost immediately got spit up on by one of the babies, and then he had sat down outside the creepy path until a couple older students went past whom he could follow and hide behind when unknown things jumped out from the trees, and then he had stared and stared with big blue eyes at the party. Wow, it was… it was a lot. Everyone was in costume, and lots of students were there, and even teachers and smaller kids. Wow. And was that a giant slide??

There was so much going on, he didn’t watch properly where he was going and bumped into another student. “Oh, I am apology!” he squeaked. The other boy didn’t seem bothered, though, and greeted him cheerfully while - smoking? (Not the Bad type of smoking, the type that both of his older siblings did when they thought he wasn’t looking. But was there any type of smoking that was Good, really?) “Hey,” Anssi managed, staring at the other boy’s costume. “Are you catching fire?”

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    • Me too! But I'm not a dragon. - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Sat Aug 26 23:06
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