Yeah, I’m not exactly jumping for joy
Sun Aug 27, 2017 01:10

Holland was still in fight-or-flight mode for a few seconds after Marley appeared, but then they started to settle down. At least they hadn’t hit their teammate with the Stinging Jinx—or maybe they had, and it had just been a really weak jinx. It was the first offensive spell Holland had cast wandlessly; Holland mostly practiced non-defensive charms and transfigurations, so they were really good at levitating objects or giving themself webbed fingers and suctions without use of a wand.

They hadn’t done any spells from Defense Against the Dark Arts as part of their wandless magic practice, but now that they thought about it, they should. At the very least, they should be able to cast a Shield Charm and a Disarming Charm nonverbally and wandlessly. If Danny had gotten into a duel then it stood to reason that Holland could too, and while they had a good memory for all the spells they’d learned, nonverbal dueling was better because it didn’t involve you calling your attacks.

“Yeah, it’s me, Marley.” Holland drew their wand and cast a nonverbal lumos, but the darkness and fog were clearly magical in origin and the charm didn’t help much. Who had thought this was a good idea? If you were going to do a haunted maze, set up some hay bales and make it an optional activity. Don’t force people to walk through a field of screams to get to the party. Especially when you had tiny first-years and tinier staff kids who had to go through it. Holland couldn’t imagine high-strung Claudia had enjoyed this part of the party much. They were surprised but a little pleased she had decided to come at all and had happily loaned her their makeup for her costume; Claudia was probably regretting the decision to attend now.

At least Marley didn’t seem especially traumatized by her experience with the spider. Holland hadn’t thought being scared was fun, although part of the problem was that Holland wasn’t sure what they’d seen. It definitely wasn’t a spider, though; it had been tall and bipedal and shadowy. Maybe a sasquatch, but faster-moving than that. Had the staff let creatures loose in the outdoor area of RMI? Professor Bennett, from what Holland had heard, was just crazy enough to do something like that. But surely someone in charge wouldn’t let acromantulas roam the grounds. Unless they had a compelling ulterior motive to put the students in danger...

“Well,” Holland said, after a deep breath. “We should go find the party, right?” They’d gotten turned around in the darkness and fog somehow. Okay, no problem. They’d done this last year, in that Spellwork lesson with the underclassmen. Holland laid their wand flat on their palm and said “Point me.” The wand spun and pointed in the direction they had been going. Huh. Not that turned around after all. “Wanna lead the way, or should I?” Holland asked. Going first sounded scary, but so did following behind, so really it was a lesser-of-two-evils situation.

  • I just don't like being jumped on! - Marley Chapman, Sat Aug 26 10:53
    "How do I look?" Marley did a twirl to show off her outfit. A twirl would've worked better if she was wearing, like, a bit poofy skirt, or a cape. Or both! One year, when she was maybe around seven,... more
    • Yeah, I’m not exactly jumping for joy - Holland, Sun Aug 27 01:10
      • At least we're... jumping? - Marley, Wed Aug 30 20:48
        It was Holland, phew. “Oh, great!” she exclaimed in a breathy whoosh of exhaled air and hopped a quick step closer. Haunted houses were always better with company. And, like, this wasn’t exactly a... more
        • More like jumpy - Holland, Fri Sep 8 17:27
          Marley talked a lot, and Holland may have tuned out a bit, but the gist was that they should walk together. That was fine with Holland; they walked with their wand arm up and the light valiantly... more
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