Magdalena Adler
Feeling insecure
Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:17

Alena hadn’t planned on coming to the party. Parties were not really her thing. Her past experiences of parties usually involved her hanging out by the snacks all night awkwardly failing to start conversation with anyone who passed by for some chips. But she had never celebrated Halloween before coming to RMI. They had Martinstag in November but they didn’t dress up or anything and Alena was lonely so she thought she’d give it a try. She’d thrown on a puffy skirt with a cat pattern adorning the hem and a dark glittery t-shirt, paired with a cat ear sequined baseball cap. She thought her intent was clear even if she’d never have won any competitions with her efforts. Bringing Louis along had seemed like the next obvious step.

Louis was Magdalena’s rather overweight cat. He had been a present from her brother and as had been demonstrated tonight, he moved fast for a fat cat.

People liked cats more than they liked Alena. She had planned for him be a conversation starter. But as usual Louis had his own ideas. He’d darted off almost immediately leaving Alena alone. And so Alena had spent a good portion of her first Halloween party crawling through crowds as people spared her odd glances. The knowledge that they likely thought she was taking her makeshift cat costume a little too seriously was enough to turn her face red. The grass dug into her her bare legs and stained her knees as her blonde hair flounced forward getting caught in her face, irritated she batted it away and for what must have been the tenth time she whispered urgently, “Louis.”

Deflated she sat up on her knees and gave one last desperate call, “Louis!” Nothing. She hadn’t really expected him to come rushing at her but it would have been a nice surprise. With only one more plan in mind she marched over to the slide. A good high vantage point would probably help her out more than sitting sadly on the ground for the remainder of the night.

How far could a ginger cat get anyway? She was just scanning the area (with little success) when a voice piped up beside her. Until then Alena hadn’t noticed the nervous dinosaur standing there and the sight caused her to burst into giggles. When she was finally able to collect herself the German peered closely at the dinosaur and recognised Darlene Knight. Worried now that she had been offensive Alena sought to save the situation,“I’m sorry! You just-you look amazing,” desperate to seal the deal she quickly added, “Let’s go together, yeah, on the count of three?”

She’d find Louis later.

  • A night of fright, for sure. - Darlene Knight, Sat Aug 26 10:30
    She had brought this on herself, and she knew it. Darlene had dared to mention that she had never done anything for Halloween in the presence of the most zealous roommate in the world, and thus Kit... more
    • Feeling insecure - Magdalena Adler, Sun Aug 27 12:17
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