No need for that
Mon Aug 28, 2017 09:57

Wyatt smiled when he realized the person also at the Pumpkin Carving station was none other than Claudia Dubois. The fourth year had in the past paired up in classes with her a few times over the last two years. He always liked her company and found that she usually approached partner work in the same way he did. There was never any foolishness like the melting of cauldrons or blowing up frogs between the two as he had found in other partners. This term though Wyatt and Claudia didn’t share any classes due to him being a fourth year and her being a third year.

He laughed at her words as he looked down at himself. He was very green, and she was what looked like a vampire. “I heard a rumor that vampires don’t like eating green guys so I figured I’d hedge my bets and charm myself green.” He teased good naturally as he set his pumpkin down on the table.

“I’m Beast Boy from the Muggle tv show Teen Titans and comic series.” He explained. He loved that his mother a Muggle-born witch enjoyed TV so much that she allowed it into her home. For being magical born, he had an extensive Muggle knowledge because of his mom. “Your vampire is pretty awesome though; I might be a bit jealous.”

The currently green haired boy looked around and realized Claudia didn’t have a pumpkin. “Would you like to pick out a pumpkin? I can carry it over for you if you’d like.” Wyatt figured it was best to offer after all his Mom and Dad would be very upset if Wyatt didn’t have the manners they had drilled into his head over and over again through the years.

  • Panicking! - Claudia Dubois, Fri Aug 25 18:15
    Claudia had absolutely no intention of going to the Hallowe’en party whatsoever. Danny had tried to encourage her to go (but why he thought Claudia would listen to him right now when he obviously... more
    • No need for that - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 09:57
      • I can't help it - Claudia, Mon Aug 28 15:13
        She hated that she felt so exhilarated and helpless just from walking through some darkness and fog, along with effects that probably hadn’t bothered most of the first years, let alone students her... more
        • Wyatt realized his joke about vampires didn’t land with Claudia. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a vampire but some famous witch. He wracked his brain trying to remember some famous witch that... more
          • I'll do my best - Claudia, Sat Sep 2 09:39
            Claudia wasn’t entirely certain how to react to discovering that Wyatt’s mother was Muggleborn, so she just nodded in acknowledgment. She knew she ought not to be surprised, because Muggleborn... more
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