I can't help it
Mon Aug 28, 2017 15:13

She hated that she felt so exhilarated and helpless just from walking through some darkness and fog, along with effects that probably hadn’t bothered most of the first years, let alone students her own age. At least admitting to being startled by a Hallowe’en prank was socially acceptable (even if ‘startled’ was a significant understatement). Wyatt didn’t comment on her distress, so either he was being particularly polite, or he really didn’t notice. He made a terrible joke about vampires not eating green guys, which lead Claudia to suspect that he had noticed her panic, but was trying to be discreet about it and put her at ease. She elected to smile, anyway. She liked Wyatt, because he was smart, and polite, and didn’t engage in any of the immature foolishness that plagued the majority of the student body. It was a shame that they didn’t have classes together this year, but Claudia was at least enjoying the opportunity to be top of the class in something now that Wyatt wasn’t a competitor.

“I don’t know anything about Muggle shows or comics,” she told him, stepping a little closer to where the fourth year had been carving his lantern. She was again fairly certain that he was just trying to ease her discomfort by complimenting her costume, but that was an admirable action anyway, so she kept her smile in place. If her cheeks were a fraction pinker than usual then hopefully the white face powder would hide it; Claudia would adamantly refute any claim that her blush would be caused by anything other than Wyatt’s flattering praise of her outfit.

He offered to carry her pumpkin, and Claudia was so pleased that she had come over to this station at the party at this particular time. “You choose one for me,” she said, as politely as she could, trying to intone a request rather than a direction. It was refreshing to be spoken to with politeness by someone other than Connor; he was always the epitome of good manners. “I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I was about seven,” she told Wyatt. Danny liked to do it when they had both been at home together before RMI, but since her brother left for school Claudia hadn’t taken any interest in the festivities that had often given her nightmares. “Our house is in a magical district, there aren’t many children there, so we never had anyone calling for candy.” What a blessing; even small children dressed in nighmarishing costumes knocking at her door and making demands was not something with which Claudia would be particularly comfortable. At least here she only had herself to blame - she could have stayed in Cetus, but then she wouldn’t have had this conversation with Wyatt. Or worn eyeliner in public.

  • No need for that - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 09:57
    Wyatt smiled when he realized the person also at the Pumpkin Carving station was none other than Claudia Dubois. The fourth year had in the past paired up in classes with her a few times over the... more
    • I can't help it - Claudia, Mon Aug 28 15:13
      • Wyatt realized his joke about vampires didn’t land with Claudia. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a vampire but some famous witch. He wracked his brain trying to remember some famous witch that... more
        • I'll do my best - Claudia, Sat Sep 2 09:39
          Claudia wasn’t entirely certain how to react to discovering that Wyatt’s mother was Muggleborn, so she just nodded in acknowledgment. She knew she ought not to be surprised, because Muggleborn... more
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