At least we're... jumping?
Wed Aug 30, 2017 20:48

It was Holland, phew. “Oh, great!” she exclaimed in a breathy whoosh of exhaled air and hopped a quick step closer. Haunted houses were always better with company. And, like, this wasn’t exactly a haunted house ‘cause it was outside in the forest, but it was still haunted. The only proper difference was that, for all she knew, it was Really Haunted with Real Ghosts and stuff and not just a bunch of booby-traps. But regardless of how haunted it was, Marley figured it would still be more fun with a friend. ‘Fun’ in this case meaning that friends would just rile each other up even further and make it scarier, at least normally, although even as she watched Holland seemed to be taking it more seriously than haunted houses normally were.

Holland’s Lumos (er, probably a Lumos; they could do tons of magic without even saying anything, which was totally amazing but also made it hard to know what they were doing, but Lumos seemed like a safe guess since she wasn’t sure that there were any other wand-tip-lighting charms. It was so basic, why would they need a whole other charm for it?) didn’t accomplish much in the fog. That was fine with Marley. “Don’t worry,” she piped up reassuringly, or what might have been reassuring if her voice hadn’t gone all squeaky and fast from the adrenaline. “Haunted games and whatever are always better in the dark!” Shadows could turn out to be all sorts of interesting, creepy things. Marley had loved doing shadow-puppets as a kid, or more accurately watching her parents do it since little kids didn’t have good finger coordination, and haunted shadows were something she loved just as much, or more accurately she didn’t hate it while it happened and it was even funner once it ended and you got to look back on the experience.

She bobbed her head energetically at Holland’s suggestion to stick together in going through the rest of the path. “Let’s just walk beside each other. I can go a little more in front, maybe, ‘cause you have a wand.” Marley started walking before it occurred to her that hadn’t really made sense and, giggling, she quickly explained her thought process to the older Lyra. “If we need to see for some reason, you can like, shine your wand on me, and all the light will reflect off and maybe that’ll work better than just trying to light up the forest with only a wand. Or maybe not. But it can’t hurt to try! But I still think the dark is the best. Our eyes will adjust.” She nodded wisely. She had a lot of experience with that, since her dad’s electric had been shut off sometimes when she’d been staying with him and if you stood real still and just stared into the nothing, the nothing always turned into the house. Eventually.

Being physically unable to keep herself from chattering, Marley had gone only a couple turns down the forest path before she just had to look at Holland, white teeth flashing in the dark. “Your costume is a-may-zing, I didn’t honestly even recognize you at first. And your hair is so dark! How did you dye it like that?” Oooh, maybe this was an opening! She’d been wanting to ask Holland about hair for forever but it never felt like a good time for it. This was a good time, though, right? “Is it easy to go from light hair to dark hair? Sometimes I really wanna dye mine but like, my mum says it’s super hard to go from dark to light, and bleach is bad for you or something, and oh my God is that a person?!” Her sentence trailed off in a shriek as she saw what looked like a bony arm reaching out between the branches.

  • Yeah, I’m not exactly jumping for joy - Holland, Sun Aug 27 01:10
    Holland was still in fight-or-flight mode for a few seconds after Marley appeared, but then they started to settle down. At least they hadn’t hit their teammate with the Stinging Jinx—or maybe they... more
    • At least we're... jumping? - Marley, Wed Aug 30 20:48
      • More like jumpy - Holland, Fri Sep 8 17:27
        Marley talked a lot, and Holland may have tuned out a bit, but the gist was that they should walk together. That was fine with Holland; they walked with their wand arm up and the light valiantly... more
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