Satveer (Sam) Mittal
Dancing hippos!
Thu Aug 31, 2017 06:19

The day of the party was here. Satveer had finished classes early and spent his preparation time faffing. Considering how few items of clothing made up his costume, it took him ages to get ready.

The noise in the common room suggested that people were making their way to the party. With this, Satveer picked up his carpet roll and glanced at himself in the mirror one last time. It didnít matter that his white harem trousers were from the ladiesí section of the store. Or that he didnít have the perfect abs to complement his purple waist coat. He looked the part! Satveer adjusted the red fez coving his patka and ticked his rug under his arm before heading out the door.

For Satveer is wasnít a case of dressing to impress. The party was more a chance to try and show off. Whatís the point of having a flying carpet if you donít use it?

Satveerís family didnít really do Halloween, they were never really in a country that celebrated it. As a result, this was to be Satveerís first large scale, stateside, Halloween party. Heíd heard rumours throughout the leadup, but he chose to temper his expectation. To his knowledge you couldnít tame a Swedish Short-Snout. Even if you could, would the school be so reckless as to bring one in just for a party?

As he exited the building, Satveer headed in the opposite direction to the outdoor classroom. This would give him a few minutes to become reacquainted with his carpet. It wasnít long until he realised that whilst he looked the part, it was obviously a lot warmer in Agrabah. A strategy of fire side conversation and food in between flights was in order.

As he neared the ominous thick fog Satveer, dismounted and tucked his carpet under his arm. Not knowing what was going to happen once he entered it, and subduing his ability to over think things, Satveer took a deep breath and walked head first. Once he was in the fog, it didnít seem so bad. That was until something brushed past his back, knocking the end of his carpet. Satveer spun around to see what it was but was unsuccessful. In the distance, Satveer heard someone shriek having triggered a jump scares. His heart pounding and nerves on edge, Satveer pressed on. It seemed that after few stumbles and one repositioned fez later Satveer found himself at the party.

It wasnít quite as heíd expected, it was more of a fair ground than a party. Mind you the last party he went to was that of a muggle boy in the village in which his family were staying. Spicy food and a pool were all that were on offer there, so this was a step up! As he scanned the what-to-dos, Satveer eyed up the Pumpkin carving station. That was a must! The horror movie monster slide looked awesome and the band really helped the atmosphere. Satveer noticed the line to the trampoline was empty. He thought it best to do that activity first, because jumping on a full stomach didnít seem like a good idea.

After carefully placing his carpet next to the trampoline, Satveer got on. No sooner had he bent his legs to jump, he was in the air with a smile on his face. Whilst he wasnít intending on joining Hunter in the web, Satveerís second jump gave enough bounce to ensure the web could capture its next victim. Satveer giggled. His right arm was free but the rest of him was stuck tight. ďAre you Mickey the apprentice or just the apprentice?Ē Satveer said veering towards Hunter.

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    • Dancing hippos! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Aug 31 06:19
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