Dardanius Dubois
An athlete, then
Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:01

The group outing to the movie theater on Pearl Street had been a great plan. Having the whole group together for the first time in ages had been been great… even if Rose and Emmett had made things a bit weird by suddenly being into each other. Marissa had come to talk to Danny - he had been avoiding her since he’d found out about Ruben - and now things were sort of back to being as close to normal as they could manage. It was progress. Besides, they had ended up coming as a group costume effort to the Hallowe’en party, and that was exceptional for several reasons. Firsty it removed any need for Danny to come up with his own costume, secondly it reaffirmed their friendship group was still okay even after several months of weird drama, and thirdly it excluded Ruben (and everyone else, but Danny was all about excluding Ruben. Even the Headmaster agreed, seeing as the Aquila was banned from attending the party at all, which was an excellent trade for a small scar on his arm, Danny thought.).

Even the costume itself had been easy, just jeans and sneakers with a blue tank top and letterman jacket. Holland had helped with the last item so it looked similar to the one the guy wore in the movie, and Danny’s refusal to wear makeup had been readily accepted. On its own the costume didn’t amount to much, but that was the point of the group costume: they made sense all together… to those who had seen the movie, anyway. Claudia, for example, would have no idea, but then Danny didn’t expect Claudia to go anyway - he always tried to persuade her to join in but she never seemed to take his advice.

The only drawback to Danny’s presence at the party was that he’d been roped into handing out favor baskets for Bonilla. It wasn’t much of a punishment - the Saturday detentions were more odious - and he was supposed to police the tents or something, but that was for all the prefects and staff, not just those who had misbehaved and were being assigned the Headmaster’s version of community service. So really that left him mostly free to enjoy the party as he chose, especially as Kaye had dropped Patience off at Ruben’s crčche. When Rose called over, he shrugged and strode over to join her on the way to the pumpkin carving station.

“Want to see if my pumpkin explodes?” she asked.

“If your pumpkin explodes you’re doing it wrong,” Danny helpfully pointed out with a grin.

  • A criminal, I guess - Rose Farnon, Thu Aug 31 10:44
    Overall, Rose was kind of ambivalent towards Halloween at this point, but it made Marissa happy (her entire family was into dressing up together apparently; Rose had seen some pictures) so Rose did... more
    • An athlete, then - Dardanius Dubois, Thu Aug 31 11:01
      • Not the most accurate of labels - Rose, Sat Sep 2 11:47
        Rose made a face at Danny. He’d mostly made up with Marissa, so Rose was no longer as mad at him, but the point still stood that he should have been less of an idiot when it came to Rose’s closest... more
        • It's only a costume - Dardanius, Sat Sep 2 16:15
          Rose made a face at him. Danny made a face back. They were doing exceptionally well at maturing into young adults, he thought, as they walked together to go carve features into seasonal squash.... more
          • Or is it? - Rose, Fri Sep 8 10:38
            Rose was a competitive person - it was one of the reasons she did so well in Quidditch - but there was something about Danny Dubois that made her more competitive than usual. It might have been that... more
            • “Style?” Danny repeated with a laugh. “Now you're just skewing the competition in your favor.” He teased, but it was true - nobody had ever accused Dardanius of having style (Holland often accused... more
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