Well then let's try to forget it happened!
Thu Aug 31, 2017 15:48

Wyatt realized his joke about vampires didn’t land with Claudia. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a vampire but some famous witch. He wracked his brain trying to remember some famous witch that would’ve worn something like the costume the third year was currently wearing. Coming up empty handed he realized she had smiled at the joke at least. Wyatt decided she was supposed to be a vampire after all.

When Claudia said, she didn’t know about Muggle shows or comics he nodded at her. “I get that. Not many wizards do after all. My mom is Muggle-born, so she introduced all the fun Muggle things to us.” He wasn’t sure how much Claudia knew about his family so he figured he’d explain.

After he had offered to carry the pumpkin, Claudia had asked him to choose one for her. She then went on to tell him how she hadn’t carved a pumpkin since she was seven because her house was in a magical district. “Kizzy the head house elf taught me to carve my first pumpkin when I was three.” He said with a laugh as he moved to the pumpkins and began looking at them all again. That had been when his Dad was still Headmaster here. “So I’ve carved a pumpkin ever since then in honor of her.”

“Our house is in the woods, so we never had any trick or treaters, but Mom and Dad always decorated the house and threw a huge party for their friends.” Wyatt had usually spent these parties in the basement watching horror movies, but he figured Claudia wouldn’t be down for horror films. “Ah!” he said finally choosing a decently sized pumpkin but one that wasn’t too deep so Claudia’s sleeves wouldn’t get dirty. He lifted it up and soon set it down next to his.

“Here you go!” he said smiling over at her. “If you don’t like it I’ll get you another.”

  • I can't help it - Claudia, Mon Aug 28 15:13
    She hated that she felt so exhilarated and helpless just from walking through some darkness and fog, along with effects that probably hadn’t bothered most of the first years, let alone students her... more
    • Well then let's try to forget it happened! - Wyatt, Thu Aug 31 15:48
      • I'll do my best - Claudia, Sat Sep 2 09:39
        Claudia wasn’t entirely certain how to react to discovering that Wyatt’s mother was Muggleborn, so she just nodded in acknowledgment. She knew she ought not to be surprised, because Muggleborn... more
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