Maverick Buchannan
That's my specialty
Fri Sep 1, 2017 15:37

Once again, Mave had been tricked somehow into attending some weird RMI party. He really needed to stop letting Holland persuade him to be social. Although admittedly, the last party had been pretty decent because he'd met Kaye, and thus discovered, statistically estimating, the last person he'd get along with here, so maybe this one wouldn't be that bad.

Halloween wasn't really his thing, mostly because costumes tended to be really gendered; while the typical pink and blue was replaced with spookier themes, entering a Halloween store still offered the same divide and therefore instilled the same questions of "but what about me?" He'd stopped dressing up after like, third grade when he got beaten up and had his candy taken. Ironic, since he was dressed up as Captain America. Apparently "muscle suits are for boys." Yeah, screw Halloween.

He was kind of surprised this wasn't a Marissa Kendrick party (he'd gathered that this was kind of her thing around here), although the Headmaster was a weird enough guy that Maverick wasn't too surprised. But apparently costumes were a must, so the Cetus, resigned, went low key with his. Colorful fluff somewhat subdued in a low ponytail, his black turtleneck and jeans were the entire ensemble. Bam. Steve Jobs.

Each jump scare on the walkway in elicited its own unique sigh of exasperation. Mave was not into that stuff, but he also wasn't afraid of it, either. Jump scares, like homework, white rappers, and that weird blond kid who kept giving him looks, were but a nuisance in his life. The sixth year was not amused.

He headed straight to the bonfire and took a seat. He stares into the fire for a bit, wondering masochistically what being in fire felt like, when someone offered him smores. Grump or not, Mave did not turn down free snacks. And as it happened, it was Marissa Kendrick beside him, or, as Kaye called her, Carrot Top. "Yeah, sure," he replied. "Thanks, Princess." He accepted the gooey sweet. "That's your costume, right?" He added after a moment, wanting it explicitly clear that he wasn't, like, flirting with her or making fun of her. From what the gossip mill had to say - oh my god Heather I could literally not care any less stop talking to me - Marissa had been having a rough go of things lately. "Breakfast Club?"

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    Marissa didnít want to go to this party. For once, she wouldíve been fine with staying in and enjoying the quiet. She came up with the groupís costume, though, from a movie night they had on Pearl... more
    • That's my specialty - Maverick Buchannan , Fri Sep 1 15:37
      • Then you can teach me! - Marissa, Sun Sep 3 11:06
        Marissa managed to give Mave a small smile. She wasnít surprised that this is who ended up with her at the campfire. There were very few people at Rocky Mountain International that stayed away from... more
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