I'll do my best
Sat Sep 2, 2017 09:39

Claudia wasn’t entirely certain how to react to discovering that Wyatt’s mother was Muggleborn, so she just nodded in acknowledgment. She knew she ought not to be surprised, because Muggleborn witches and wizards weren’t precisely uncommon, but it still struck her as unusual sometimes that entirely wizarding families could still have Muggle relatives. The third year didn’t know precisely what her opinions were about Muggleborns. That is to say, they obviously carried magical genetics but she wasn’t sure how dominant they would be. She didn’t know any Muggleborns personally, that she was aware of (she wasn’t entirely sure about Dhruv in her year, because he said things about Muggles but he had two magical older siblings and was related in some fashion to the Deputy Headmistress, but Claudia really wasn’t certain on those details - Dhruv wasn’t exactly a close acquaintance, anyway) although she understood sometimes it could be difficult for them to assimilate into magical culture. Claudia, on the other hand, only knew about Muggles what she had learned from Cultural Studies, and her friend Marley, and very occasionally her mother’s friend who married a Muggle.

“I sometimes forget you grew up here,” she commented on a more comfortable topic. She knew a little about Wyatt’s family from what he’d told her over the past couple of years as they had gotten acquainted, and a little because Frankie had played on the Lyra Quidditch team with Dardanius for years, so some details had been passed along from that direction, too. “Will you show Kizzy this pumpkin?” she gestured to Wyatt’s most recent creation - or what would become a creation, once he’d carved it.

“Thank you,” Claudia returned Wyatt’s smile with one of her own as he placed down the pumpkin he had selected for her. It was still unusual talking to someone who was completely green - while she knew an entirely black outfit and dark eye make-up wasn't a usual look for herself, it probably wasn't as unsettling for Wyatt as if she'd turned completely a different hue. "I'm sure it'll do nicely." The Cetus hadn’t yet decided what to carve in it - ghoulish features were simply out of the question; she had only just calmed down from her last encounter with frivolities designed to unsettled her, and she had no interest at all in creating further discomfort for herself - but she picked up a knife and started to cut a lid in the top, because that stage was more or less the same regardless of what she did next. “What design are you planning for yours?” she asked, feeling far more at ease by now.

  • Wyatt realized his joke about vampires didn’t land with Claudia. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a vampire but some famous witch. He wracked his brain trying to remember some famous witch that... more
    • I'll do my best - Claudia, Sat Sep 2 09:39
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