Not the most accurate of labels
Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:47

Rose made a face at Danny. He’d mostly made up with Marissa, so Rose was no longer as mad at him, but the point still stood that he should have been less of an idiot when it came to Rose’s closest friend. Maybe if Danny hadn’t decided to break Marissa’s heart like he did, the whole Ruben situation wouldn’t have happened. Actually, Rose was pretty sure that if Danny and Marissa had been together, the Ruben thing wouldn’t have even been a spot on the map. So really, it was Danny’s fault that the entire thing had gone down the way it did, and therefore he kind of deserved to get stabbed. Of course, just because Danny had deserved it didn’t mean that Rose was okay with Ruben doing it. It would have been far more appropriate for Marissa or Rose to do the stabbing, but Marissa would have been upset if Rose stabbed Danny and besides, they were friends. Even if he was an idiot.

“I’m going to try mine with wandless magic,” she explained, walking closer to Danny. “I’m almost ready to start working on transforming, so I’m trying to get in as much practise as possible.” Realistically, Rose had been working hard enough on her spellwork (and was gifted enough to begin with) that exploding pumpkins weren’t really a point of concern. Her actual skill had probably been good enough after last year to start trying at the beginning of this year, but Rose really wanted to know what she was going to turn into before she started to try to turn into it, and doing the ritual during the term sounded terrible. She had to keep a leaf in her mouth for an entire month - how dumb was that? How was it that they hadn’t innovated a better method of handling that sort of thing? Magic was progressing every day, and yet they were still using a method established long ago to predict something that was actually extremely important.

“We can race,” Rose suggested with a grin at Danny. “See who can make the best pumpkin quickest, without a wand.” She was half-joking; anyone who would take her up on that was probably kidding themselves about how good they were at spellwork. Rose was, in her personal opinion, the best in her class. She put the most time and energy into it - she deserved that title more than anyone else.

  • An athlete, then - Dardanius Dubois, Thu Aug 31 11:01
    The group outing to the movie theater on Pearl Street had been a great plan. Having the whole group together for the first time in ages had been been great… even if Rose and Emmett had made things a... more
    • Not the most accurate of labels - Rose, Sat Sep 2 11:47
      • It's only a costume - Dardanius, Sat Sep 2 16:15
        Rose made a face at him. Danny made a face back. They were doing exceptionally well at maturing into young adults, he thought, as they walked together to go carve features into seasonal squash.... more
        • Or is it? - Rose, Fri Sep 8 10:38
          Rose was a competitive person - it was one of the reasons she did so well in Quidditch - but there was something about Danny Dubois that made her more competitive than usual. It might have been that... more
          • “Style?” Danny repeated with a laugh. “Now you're just skewing the competition in your favor.” He teased, but it was true - nobody had ever accused Dardanius of having style (Holland often accused... more
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