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Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:41

Her taller counterpart’s name was Camilla, and she acquiesced in selecting a doorway. Claudia followed her through it, her wand already drawn in anticipation, but the only surprise seemed to be a fairly innocuous wizardspace beyond the curtain, containing a table that had pieces of parchment towards its front, and a more random selection of other, apparently unrelated, items towards its rear. While Camilla inspected the parchment, Claudia turned to look again at the doorway behind her (reassuring herself of the exits was normal practise for the second year), only to discover the real surprise: the one where she was now locked in a small space with a relative stranger.

Claudia’s heart rate, only recently returned to resting pace recovering from the stress of having to find a partner from amongst the upper years, instantly sped up again. She didn't like surprises, she didn't like unfamiliar situations, and she didn't like small, enclosed spaces. She most definitely did not like being trapped in them.

Trying to stay calm, Claudia blinked, swallowed, and turned back around to focus again on the table. Camilla was talking to her, but her voice sounded distant and distorted behind the low, rushing sounds filling Claudia’s ears. It felt stiflingly hot in there, too, and her hands itched under her gloves but taking them off would only expose her chewed fingernails introducing yet another anxiety-inducing factor into the already volatile mix, so that wasn't an option. She took a couple of shaky steps forwards, the table feeling further away than she’d thought, but its solidity when she reached it was comforting; Claudia tried to lean on it discreetly so as not to draw attention to herself while she tried to work out what Camilla had said. 'Spell', probably, and 'appear', were words she'd registered. Claudia frowned at the parchment that Camilla had been inspecting. It looked blank. Yes, a spell to make things appear, that would make sense.

“I know the spell,” Claudia said, even her own voice sounding as though it were coming from somewhere else in the room. Stay calm she instructed herself, as she felt a dull ache building between her temples. Really, if all they had to do was make words appear, surely trapping them in unfamiliar pairs in the practical lab was somewhat unnecessary, she thought grudgingly. "Remind me to tell Professor McKindy I think the library would be better,” she muttered to herself, unsure whether or not Camilla would hear her. Claudia was already holding her wand, so raised it and put its tip to the closest sheet of parchment. "Revelio," she incanted, and while her voice was barely audible, she did see some markings begin to appear. However an inconvenient blackness was doing its best to obscure her vision - which was doing nothing at all to assist her efforts in calming down - and she couldn't make anything out.

  • Yes, yes I can. - Camilla, Thu Apr 13 19:53
    “I am Camilla,” she offered her name to the girl, she assumed, was Danny’s little sister. They did look somewhat alike. She smiled reassuringly since Claudia seemed to be out of sorts, nervous if you ... more
    • Show me how - Claudia, Fri Apr 14 11:41
      • Its involves meditation - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 22:24
        Things didn't seem to be going well for Claudia, and Camilla took a deep breath to calm herself from overreacting over a silly grade because a younger student seemed to losing her stuff. Her... more
        • Is fainting like meditating? - Claudia, Fri Apr 21 10:47
          Her spell had apparently been in vain, because instead of looking at what had appeared on the paper and figuring out a way to get them both out of this hellish scenario, Camilla was putting her hand... more
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