What if I made it sparkly?
Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:21

The older student had a fun accent, which somehow made him seem less intimidating. It wasn’t a funny dialect, because no dialects were funny, but it took her attention away from the skull on his shirt and the spikes he wore. Remington always struggled with the difference between accents and dialects. Her mom tried explaining it to her but it didn’t make much sense. Remington couldn’t figure out if it was his accent or dialect that she was now focused on, and she supposed it didn’t matter. They had a task that Professor McKindy needed them to finish. She could delve back into the accents versus dialects thing later.

The slightly chubby first year squared her shoulders and stood a little straighter under the older student’s gaze. She was good at Spellwork, and he didn’t have his wand. This was going to go well, she was going to do awesome, and they were going to get a good grade for the day. She felt very confident about that. She didn’t even feel that intimidated anymore.

“Yeah, I can do that,” Remington agreed. If the older student told her what spells to use, she could probably do them. It may take a couple of tries, but she thought she could do it. Plus, it meant she’d get to learn a lot. He was older, so he definitely knew more spells than her. She spent her free time learning new spells in Dade, so she might know more than the average first year. She hoped she’d get to be more useful than just doing what she was told.

It turned out that her partner’s name was Ruben, and he was very much a take charge kind of person. He introduced himself and immediately decided what door they were going to go through. She followed him and was surprised at how small the space was. There was some wizard space stuff going on, but it was still small. She didn’t like that very much. Once both of them were inside, she heard a noise and immediately turned around. Rocks had appeared in front of the once open doorway and built a barrier.

“Okay, so we’re stuck now. That’s exciting,” Remington frowned a little, “What are we supposed to do?” She crossed her arms and stared at the door. She waited for some kind of sign or instruction or riddle to appear. Was it supposed to be immediate, or was it going to take a few minutes? She was mostly fascinated with how a lesson like this worked. Did Professor McKindy pre-charm everything? Or was he casting spells on all of the rooms at once while students worked? Just how powerful was Professor McKindy, anyway? She always seemed to end up with more questions after her classes.

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    The first girl that he’d started walking towards had apparently no interest in working together, as she had pretty much taken one look and then ran away. Ruben found that possibly more amusing than... more
    • What if I made it sparkly? - Remington, Fri Apr 14 12:21
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