We could look there
Fri Apr 14, 2017 15:42

Oh, it was Hunter.

Holland liked Hunter well enough—in fact, they didn’t truly dislike any of the underclassmen—but he was very—well—Hunter. Holland was not entirely sure what they meant by that, but it encompassed the notion that Hunter seemed to have less inhibitory control over his limbs than most people possessed. The phrase “helter-skelter” came to mind. So while Holland was startled when he started running around and flailing on the other side of the door, they really shouldn’t have been surprised.

The sixteen-year-old opened their mouth to tell the preteen that there was certainly something through the door, if not physically behind it, because other students were entering their doors and disappearing. But before they got the chance to speak, as if to perfectly demonstrate what Holland had been thinking about his kinesthesia (or lack thereof), Hunter promptly fell through the doorway. Holland covered their grin with one hand and then followed, stepping over Hunter so that they were both in the room. They considered asking if he was okay, but the boy seemed to be made of rubber, so they just offered a hand in case he needed help getting up.

As Holland entered, the doorway bricked itself over behind them. All right, then. This was well within the genre of Professor McKindy’s “unusual lesson” repertoire, and Holland didn’t have to wait very long to figure out their next step. There was a trunk on a table in front of them, with two locks—one combination and one padlock—holding the fastenings shut. Based on both the assignment and their knowledge of how Professor McKindy liked to structure his classes, Holland was guessing that having Hunter undo both the locks wouldn’t cut it. The simplest solution was usually not the correct one in Spellwork.

“I’m thinking alohomora,” Holland said, approaching the box and taking the padlock in their left hand. It seemed simpler than the combination, which they preferred since they wanted to try the spell non-verbally. Holland’s wandless charms were coming along, but still far behind their wandless transfiguration abilities. “You guys have covered that, right?”

  • Maybe the Hands and Knobs are Behind the Door - Hunter Ioma, Wed Apr 12 22:37
    “So this is a little bit of an unusual lesson,” Hunter perked up. An unusual lesson certainly sounded exciting. Well, any magic lesson sounded exciting, but an unusual one even more so. “Today we’re... more
    • We could look there - Holland, Fri Apr 14 15:42
      • What's in the Box?! - Hunter Ioma, Fri Apr 14 21:33
        As Hunter tumbled through the ghost-space-wizard door, the first thing that got his attention was the size of the room on the other side. It wasn’t exactly large, but certainly not the... more
        • Looks like another puzzle to me - Holland, Sat Apr 15 19:02
          Hunter was unsurprisingly optimistic about doing a spell he couldn’t remember learning. The sixteen-year-old left Hunter to it and focused on the lock. They knew a bit about how locks worked; Monty... more
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