Hunter Ioma
What's in the Box?!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 21:33

As Hunter tumbled through the ghost-space-wizard door, the first thing that got his attention was the size of the room on the other side. It wasn’t exactly large, but certainly not the broom-closet-sized space that the other side of the doors from the outside would suggest. So the room must be sideways or something to the rest of the world. Which was cool. He would have said so out loud, but instead he landed on his butt.

He took the hand that Holland offered and looked around the room. All the walls were brick, and there wasn’t a door any more. Cool. Holland went right for the largish trunk on the table in the middle of the room, so Hunter walked around the room once with his hand on the wall, just to check. He didn’t find anything else.

”I’m thinking alohomora. You guys have covered that, right?”

Hunter moved back around to the front of the trunk beside Holland and looked at the lock that Holland wasn’t holding. He couldn’t contemplate the lock and the question at the same time, so he decided to answer the question. He furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about it. “Probably,” was what he came up with. “Let’s find out,” he said, pulling his wand out of his pocket.

He took a step back, pointed his wand at the lock, and said “Alohomora!” with a little swish of his wand. The lock opened with a soft click and he quickly pulled it away, in case it decided to lock itself again or something. He nodded and said “Yeah, probably,” as Holland wandlessly removed the other lock.

With mock trepidation, Hunter opened the fastening nearer him and, with a glance toward Holland, threw open the lid in a single dramatic movement. He was having a lot of fun.

The trunk was not as deep on the inside as it was on the outside. Just under the lid was a large and intricate looking wooden maze-puzzle sort of thing that took up the entire length and breadth of the trunk. It looked like there were two pieces that fit snugly enough into the puzzle-maze that they wouldn’t move on their own. There were also two areas exactly the size and shape of the two pieces outlined in red on opposite sides, far from where the pieces were now.

“I… guess we move the pieces to the red bits? Locomotor, maybe?” Guessed Hunter.

OOC: minor godmodding done with Sophia's permission.

  • We could look there - Holland, Fri Apr 14 15:42
    Oh, it was Hunter. Holland liked Hunter well enough—in fact, they didn’t truly dislike any of the underclassmen—but he was very—well— Hunter . Holland was not entirely sure what they meant by that,... more
    • What's in the Box?! - Hunter Ioma, Fri Apr 14 21:33
      • Looks like another puzzle to me - Holland, Sat Apr 15 19:02
        Hunter was unsurprisingly optimistic about doing a spell he couldn’t remember learning. The sixteen-year-old left Hunter to it and focused on the lock. They knew a bit about how locks worked; Monty... more
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