All the better to see you with
Sat Apr 15, 2017 14:29

Following his energetic partner, Dardanius was the second student to enter the wizarding space beyond the doorway, which sealed itself over the moment he was within its confines. “Yep, this seems like something Professor McKindy would do,” he answered Marley’s query with a bemused smile. Getting accustomed to each professor’s individual teaching styles had been as much of an education as the classes they taught during his first couple of years at RMI. Marley was one of those kids who seemed excited by just about anything, so probably took most of it in her stride.

Taking a step back into the room that was a bit smaller than his closet at home, Dardanius looked around at the empty space for some indication of what they should be doing in there, and deposited his black leather bookbag unceremoniously on the floor. Before long he noticed two bricks, on opposite sides of the room and both higher up the wall than he could reach, were glowing. “You see those?” he pointed them out to Marley. “I think that’s a clue. I’d say that because there are two of them, there is one for each of us.” That seemed more or less aligned with his previous expectations of classes were instructions were limited: sometimes a professor preferred it when students worked out the best spells to use. It was definitely more interesting than just following a set of instructions, and Dardanius learned much better by thinking creatively than by reading a textbook, so he tended to prefer the less predictable, more applied classes.

Pondering the implications of the position of the two bricks, Danny would argue that their height indicated they needed to be connected with in some manner (or removed, but that seemed a trickier concept so he’d only address that if his first theory was incorrect), and their distance apart suggested simultaneous contact, otherwise it could be accomplished just by one student and there would be no need for them to be so far apart from each other. “My guess is we have to hit them with something at the same time,” he said. “A spell or an object, I’m not sure.” He could use depulso with some success without his wand, but had nothing to repel. He didn’t know whether just using any spell on the luminescent bricks would be sufficient, but if so they could be more creative and less limited by their options. He wasn’t sure what Marley’s options were; it had been a long time since he was in second year, and he couldn’t accurately remember the spells he had been able to accomplish, nor did he know the level of Marley’s proficiency with a wand. “What do you think?”

  • And really, really big eyes - Marley, Fri Apr 14 02:11
    She didn't know Danny super well, and really not in a classroom setting at all, but she thought she knew him well enough from playing Quidditch together. Frankie worked them pretty hard in practices, ... more
    • All the better to see you with - Dardanius, Sat Apr 15 14:29
      • Will it help us make decisions, too? - Marley, Sun Apr 23 18:47
        Danny reassured her that the newly sealed doorway was nothing unexpected. At least, it would've been reassuring, if it weren't for the fact that Marley wasn't actually worried about it. They had... more
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