Looks like another puzzle to me
Sat Apr 15, 2017 19:02

Hunter was unsurprisingly optimistic about doing a spell he couldn’t remember learning. The sixteen-year-old left Hunter to it and focused on the lock. They knew a bit about how locks worked; Monty Keene liked to watch TV shows about the manufacturing process for different Muggle items, and when they were home Holland usually joined him for Discovery Channel-watching parties. Holland preferred programming about space or extraterrestrials or close examinations of historical mysteries, but sometimes it was enjoyable to watch something straightforward and practical. Anyway, there had been a How It’s Made episode about locks, so Holland knew that inside the padlock in their hand, there were cylinders that needed to be moved into the right positions for the lock to spring open. Doing magic on things was easier when you knew how they worked, which was why becoming an Animagus involved some amount of studying anatomy.

Alohomora. Eventually Holland wanted to shift away from thinking the incantation and instead think of the function of the spell—unlock, in this case. The incantations were helpful when you were learning a spell, but Holland had decided they weren’t needed after that. After all, there wasn’t a spell for everything, and if you felt like you could only do magic you had spells for, your abilities would be limited.

But that experiment wasn’t for today. Holland made the gesture for the spell over the lock with their dominant right hand. Alohomora. Alohomora. With a gentle click, the top of the lock popped open. Holland heard a grinding sound and glanced over their shoulder to see that a portion of the stone wall had disappeared. If Holland were already an Animagus, they would be able to fit through the new gap in the stones, because cephalopods were only limited by the size of their beak. Of course, Hunter would still be trapped in the room, and Holland doubted it would be a good idea to try to reducto the stone wall away.

With a dramatic flourish, the Lyras threw the chest’s lid open. Inside was another puzzle (no surprise there), and Hunter quickly worked out what they were supposed to do with it. Locomotor wasn’t the spell they would use wanded—Holland’s penchant for Transfiguration put the idea for a Switching Spell to put the pieces where they belonged in their head—but since they were limited to lower-level spells, locomotor would do. “Great idea, I like it,” Holland told Hunter, nodding. They planned to verbalize the incantation for this spell; it’d take more sustained control than the Unlocking Charm had.

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    • Looks like another puzzle to me - Holland, Sat Apr 15 19:02
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