Its involves meditation
Sun Apr 16, 2017 22:24

Things didn't seem to be going well for Claudia, and Camilla took a deep breath to calm herself from overreacting over a silly grade because a younger student seemed to losing her stuff. Her composure. It was hard working with someone that talked barely above a whisper, but she was Danny´s younger sister and Camilla could not leave her without any assistance. If she was honest, her dislike for this class was quickly growing into hatred, which was a very Serious word to throw into the mix, but McKindy had pineappled up big time with this. They year groups were to mismatched to work together.

Camilla took another deep breath, grabbed the parchemt and, surprisingly, words started to appear on it. The blonde smiled as she realized that not everything was lost. However, the words were barely visible and Claudia seemed to be in the brink of some sort of anxiety attack? Camilla hastily left what she had in her hands on top of the table and went to see what she could do to help the younger girl out.

The Ceti squatted to Claudia´s height and gently put her hand on her shoulder, “Claudia?” she asked getting worried. “Do you need help? What can I do?” Camilla had never been in close proximity to someone that seemed about to lose their consciousness or something.

Please dont faint

Camilla pleaded silently. She had no idea how to proceed. “Claudia, tell me what to do. Do I call Professor McKindy?” The Ceti was beginning to panic a bit. The younger girl couldn't die, right? Camilla was not ready for this. She wished Professor McKindy had not planned this horrid lesson. How could someone so brilliant come up with this ridiculous idea!?

  • Show me how - Claudia, Fri Apr 14 11:41
    Her taller counterpart’s name was Camilla, and she acquiesced in selecting a doorway. Claudia followed her through it, her wand already drawn in anticipation, but the only surprise seemed to be a... more
    • Its involves meditation - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 22:24
      • Is fainting like meditating? - Claudia, Fri Apr 21 10:47
        Her spell had apparently been in vain, because instead of looking at what had appeared on the paper and figuring out a way to get them both out of this hellish scenario, Camilla was putting her hand... more
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