It would be best for me to keep my hands attached, I think
Thu Apr 20, 2017 04:26

Apparently this Russell was in Cetus, which made the concept of partnering with him marginally better despite the issue of his appearance. At least he wasn’t an Aquila or a Lyra. Connor had rapidly realized that people from his sister’s House (Aquila) were people he wanted to avoid just as much as people from Marley’s House (Lyra). They tended to be unruly, which was the exact opposite of what Connor was looking for in a class partner - or anyone he was associating with, to be perfectly honest. Aside from the one mishap with Marley he had more or less managed to avoid overwhelmingly unpleasant experiences with other students that term. It was tricky, what with the professors expecting them to partner up all the time, but it was fine. In the worst cases he had partnered with Dade. Connor was still thankful that their family had only managed to produce one Aquila, despite Dade’s own disinterest in self-identifying as a Cetus.

“Yes, I am,” Connor said. “I’m in my second year,” he added helpfully, “which is perhaps why we haven’t met yet.” Honestly, the Cetus couldn’t remember seeing this Russell person around, and Russell seemed to be pretty memorable. Or at least his disaster of an outfit was, and assuming he wasn’t doing this on a dare, Connor imagined he would have remembered at least this boy’s fantastically terrible wardrobe.

To his disappointment, Russell apparently didn’t know how to do wandless magic. Connor frowned. That would be fine for the spells they were supposed to do on their own, but what about the ones they were supposed to do in pairs? Was he supposed to take a hit on his classwork grade because one stupid older student couldn’t do magic the way he was expected to? Connor’s hazel eyes darted around the room to see Rose partnered with a girl in Dade’s year - Teal, he thought her name was. Which was a ridiculous name. Connor didn’t want to think what kind of parents would name their daughter after a color. Regardless, it looked like it was too late to partner with his sister after all, which was unfortunate. Despite his feelings about being seen with Rose in public, Connor had stronger feelings about failing his classwork.

So that was out. Connor sighed. “No, you go ahead,” he said to the older boy. “Maybe you can erm, try the wandless magic, anyway. We’re supposed to do paired spells,” Connor added, as if that would change Russell’s ability to do magic. It was worth a shot, anyway.

  • Does that mean we each get one? - Russell, Mon Apr 10 18:51
    The younger boy was dressed pretty formal. Russell didn’t understand why some students always wore their robes to classes. Was it actually a part of the dress code? He couldn’t remember - well, he... more
    • It would be best for me to keep my hands attached, I think - Connor, Thu Apr 20 04:26
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