Is fainting like meditating?
Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:47

Her spell had apparently been in vain, because instead of looking at what had appeared on the paper and figuring out a way to get them both out of this hellish scenario, Camilla was putting her hand on Claudia’s shoulder. The second year automatically twitched away from the touch, letting go of the table to give herself more space. That wasn't the best plan, it turned out, as her balanced seemed to be woefully underperforming. Either that or the floor was swaying beneath her, which was entirely possible and would be typical for the lesson so far, she presumed, but it was probably her swaying, not the room. Whatever the cause, she felt a little nauseated as she tried to process Camilla's questions through her echoing hearing and the fuzzy haze around her head.

“I'm okay,” she lied. Her cheeks felt flushed as she tried to smile reassuringly at her partner, but the simple movement of raising her eyes upwards threw her further off balance while simultaneously alerting her to the increasing field of blackness around her usually perfect vision. She stumbled slightly, and realised that she was forgetting how to breathe. “I think I just need to sit down for a moment,” she thought she said, but she couldn't hear her own words any more. Though her eyes were still open, Claudia couldn't see anything anymore, either. She made a valiant attempt to make her way to the wall, but after one small step the world span on its axis and she found herself lowering immediately to the floor before it came up to meet her of its own accord.

Her hands touched the ground; she thought her knees were on the floor, too, but she wasn't sure. Claudia heard a sound, maybe a voice, maybe something else. Mostly she could hear rushing, roaring noises, but only very quietly, like they were a great distance away and everything else in the world was silent. She spared a thought for how filthy her skirt would be on the floor of the lab, and then she thought nothing at all as her shoulder, chin, then head connected with the floor. She was no longer conscious.

  • Its involves meditation - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 22:24
    Things didn't seem to be going well for Claudia, and Camilla took a deep breath to calm herself from overreacting over a silly grade because a younger student seemed to losing her stuff. Her... more
    • Is fainting like meditating? - Claudia, Fri Apr 21 10:47
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