Will it help us make decisions, too?
Sun Apr 23, 2017 18:47

Danny reassured her that the newly sealed doorway was nothing unexpected. At least, it would've been reassuring, if it weren't for the fact that Marley wasn't actually worried about it. They had magic, after all. She'd always been a pretty carefree kid, and having magic as a back-up plan (even when that plan required calling for an adult to do the magic things that she didn't know how to do yet) had only confirmed how great an attitude that was for her life. Not that she was a big risk-taker or anything, of course. Marley was smart. She was just also very, very, very curious and keen to pursue whatever interested her at any given moment.

Brown eyes blinked up at the bricks that he'd pointed out. Marley was pretty tall for her age, but Danny was still taller than her and the bricks were even taller than that, because this room was like, tiny, but not vertically. It made her beam. Wizard space was super cool. Her mum's trailer had a bit of vertical magic stuff going on, since that was literally the only way that they could fit in proper swinging hammocks which were the most comfortable type of bed ever, in her less-than-humble opinion. Er, well, they could've hung the hammocks lower to the floor, but that would ruin the whole point of hammocks, wouldn't it? Climbing up the rickety ladder and flopping into her hammock was, like, the perfect way to end the day.

"Those bricks have gotta be it," she agreed. They were glowing pretty brightly. Bright glowy things were usually the type of sign you should pay attention to. Danny suggested hitting them at the same time and she nodded, bouncing on her toes as she alternated between staring at the bricks and at him. "Yes! That makes sense! But d'you think it has to be at the same time? Maybe it's just, like, we have to hit both of the bricks with the same thing. Like..." She thought a moment and then ducked down, tugging off one of her shoes. "I could throw my shoe at them! Oh, right," she giggled, "magic, duh. Umm, I know how to do the Locomotor charm. I can do it and whack both of them! Or you can take my other shoe and we can hit both bricks together. Then we're hitting them at the same time and with the same thing. Or maybe," she continued on, easily backpedalling her rambling verbal thoughts, "we should cast something on the bricks directly. Like Reducio. Or Engorgio." She finally stopped to breathe and shrugged at Danny, one hand still wrapped around her shoe. "What d'you think we should try first?"

  • All the better to see you with - Dardanius, Sat Apr 15 14:29
    Following his energetic partner, Dardanius was the second student to enter the wizarding space beyond the doorway, which sealed itself over the moment he was within its confines. “Yep, this seems... more
    • Will it help us make decisions, too? - Marley, Sun Apr 23 18:47
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