Camilla Baird
Here comes Justice [Ruben]
Thu May 4, 2017 20:56

Camilla Grace Baird had spent the last couple of days angry and humiliated beyond she had ever imagined she could get. It had caused her so many different emotions that she wasn't able to describe it, but the blonde had spent two days in her room without wanting to leave it, even for food. Those days were surrounded by hazy fog that focused primarily on a ridiculous amount of tears and some angry screams. Why? She kept asking herself over and over. Yes, she had been in the wrong with what she had said and done to Marissa, but to retaliate with such vindictive force? It had been a bit too much. Ruben, and probably Rose, were no better than uncivilized barbarians.

The blonde was furious. The blonde wanted restitution for the part of her ego they had stolen off her. It had taken some time for her to be brave enough to go out of her room and continue her normal life, but she continued to think about what had happened every single day. She had no doubt who had been part of her attack, but she had no proof. She hated feeling this unprotected. She missed the comfort that Elijah always brought with him, but he was still avoiding her. It hurt, but Camilla had started to be able to just shove it away so it would hurt less, sometimes it helped, most of the time it didn't.

Anyways, the blonde was ready and completely and utterly raging, but her mind was clear as it could be. She knew what she wanted to do and how she would accomplish it. The blonde left her room and headed towards the first Dueling Club meeting that had been scheduled since the incident. The blonde usually wore a pair of yoga pants, a sports bra and messy bun, this time, however, Camilla was also wearing an exercise tank top to hide the bruises she had not been able to heal.

The anticipation began swimming through her body as she walked through the school, her focus had not wavered in the last few days. She was going to kick Ruben´s behind, and then deal in a more quiet way with Rose Farnon. They deserved as much.

The blonde entered the Practical Lab and searched for the tall blonde swede that usually participated. She located her target and hungrily smiled to herself. One of the many perks of having a very limited social life was the fact that Camilla spent that time researching about her favorite subject, Spellworks, and had time to perfect what she learned. The blonde had joined the Dueling Club because she thought it would help her skills, but she had never showed off like certain others. The Cetus knew she was good at this, great even, and she was keen to show Ruben just how much he had messed with the wrong girl. If he couldn't be part of civilized society she would play his game.

The blonde walked towards the Swede, “Ruben,” she called for him before sending a jinx his way that would thrust him with quite the force. Camilla was angry. Camilla wanted Ruben to be hurt like she had. Her eyes were easily reflecting the loathing she had for the boy she had just initiated a duel with.

    • You're late. Justice was already served. - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri May 5 00:32
      Arriving early to Dueling Club, Ruben flopped down on the mats and began laying out his usual set of stretches. Blue eyes touched on his reflection in the mirrored wall and noted approvingly the... more
      • Hi, I´m Justice... - Camilla, Fri May 5 21:01
        The blonde looked at Ruben with contempt as he deflected her jinx with a shield charm, but a smug smile adorned her lips as she saw him stumbling a bit backwards. She was strong, and she knew it. It... more
        • And I'm righteousness - Ruben, Sat May 6 00:29
          He laughed out loud at Camilla’s taunt. “Fan, skojar du?” Ruben couldn’t really blame her for the presumption, but if she knew how wrong she was… Neither he nor Rose were the type of person to hide... more
          • ....I have no answer to that - Camilla, Sat May 6 13:50
            The blonde had to admit that Ruben was pretty damn good at dueling, especially the athletic part of it all. She watched as he jumped, hopped and rolled around in order to miss what she had sent his... more
            • Good. Now be quiet. - Ruben, Sat May 6 15:11
              At her shriek, his lips curled in an expression that was sort of a grin and sort of a sneer and mostly just the pleasureable warping of his rage against Camilla. Rose had done a number on the older... more
              • I have the last word. - Camilla, Sat May 6 15:47
                Hot burning rage shot through her body as the physical pain navigated her body. Her ribs hurts every time she took a breath, and now Ruben was leaning his weight on her leg who was being... more
                • No, I do - Prof. Lorraine Taylor, Sat May 6 16:10
                  When Lorraine had agreed to take over Dueling Club for Ivy, she had anticipated something relatively sedate. The tall, blonde woman admittedly did not know the students in the club very well - the... more
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