Hi, I´m Justice...
Fri May 5, 2017 21:01

The blonde looked at Ruben with contempt as he deflected her jinx with a shield charm, but a smug smile adorned her lips as she saw him stumbling a bit backwards. She was strong, and she knew it. It was time to show Ruben that any decent human being did things face-to-face instead of sulking around and ambushing people in the hallway. Camilla had never been a vindictive person, or someone that harbored any big resentment towards anyone - with the exception of her biological father -, but right now everything that had been swimming inside of her was pure loathing towards Ruben and Rose.

She shouldn't be surprised, really. Ruben was just..ugh. There weren't appropriate words to describe what Ruben was, and Camilla had tried but all the words ended being far too bad for her to even think about them again. The almost teenager looked with contempt at her opponent when she easily deflected his hex with a nonverbal spell, but growled just a bit as the sting of her humiliated became a tad bit more noticeable. How dare he. Camilla still had bruises from their attack a couple of days before this encounter.

Camilla looked at Ruben with such intensity that she was sure his eyebrows would be singed off by now if looks did anything. The girl that had preferred to stay in the sidelines was ready to come into the spotlight. She would be damned if she let a couple of cowards intimidate her. The Ceti played with her wand - ebony wood with dragon heartstring - for a second before deciding her next move.

“Are you waiting for Rose to do your dirty work?” Camilla asked clearly taunting the younger boy. The Ceti had become quite adept at nonverbal magic, as she had preferred to focus on that rather than wandless. The blonde was of the idea that nonverbal was far more useful than wandless since most witches and wizards learned to treat their wands as part of their limbs. She had preferred to perfect nonverbal before focusing on wandless, if she even attempted it.

The Ceti quickly tapped her wand three times on her wrist and with each tap a quick ball of light charged at Ruben. The first one went to his right, the second to his left and the third one to his center. The balls weren't really meant to do anything other than distract him, though if one of them touched him he would would feel a slight jolt of electricity, but nothing big. They were mainly distractions for the main event…

Camilla used the seconds the balls would give her to direct her curse to where she assumed Ruben would end after moving away. She had watched him duel before and the Swede liked to move around instead of just moving his wand. Yes, Camilla had always been more of an observer rather than a participant.

The blonde muttered the incantation for the instant scalping hex, really hoping Ruben would have been distracted enough to be able to defect this one. It was kind of obvious the younger boy took great care of his hair.

  • You're late. Justice was already served. - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri May 5 00:32
    Arriving early to Dueling Club, Ruben flopped down on the mats and began laying out his usual set of stretches. Blue eyes touched on his reflection in the mirrored wall and noted approvingly the... more
    • Hi, I´m Justice... - Camilla, Fri May 5 21:01
      • And I'm righteousness - Ruben, Sat May 6 00:29
        He laughed out loud at Camilla’s taunt. “Fan, skojar du?” Ruben couldn’t really blame her for the presumption, but if she knew how wrong she was… Neither he nor Rose were the type of person to hide... more
        • ....I have no answer to that - Camilla, Sat May 6 13:50
          The blonde had to admit that Ruben was pretty damn good at dueling, especially the athletic part of it all. She watched as he jumped, hopped and rolled around in order to miss what she had sent his... more
          • Good. Now be quiet. - Ruben, Sat May 6 15:11
            At her shriek, his lips curled in an expression that was sort of a grin and sort of a sneer and mostly just the pleasureable warping of his rage against Camilla. Rose had done a number on the older... more
            • I have the last word. - Camilla, Sat May 6 15:47
              Hot burning rage shot through her body as the physical pain navigated her body. Her ribs hurts every time she took a breath, and now Ruben was leaning his weight on her leg who was being... more
              • No, I do - Prof. Lorraine Taylor, Sat May 6 16:10
                When Lorraine had agreed to take over Dueling Club for Ivy, she had anticipated something relatively sedate. The tall, blonde woman admittedly did not know the students in the club very well - the... more
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