And I'm righteousness
Sat May 6, 2017 00:29

He laughed out loud at Camilla’s taunt. “Fan, skojar du?” Ruben couldn’t really blame her for the presumption, but if she knew how wrong she was… Neither he nor Rose were the type of person to hide behind someone else, but the him-behind-her option that Camilla had suggested was the far more ridiculous scenario of the two. The Swede had never backed down from a fight, nor even the smallest opportunity to fight. Having felt that Rose deserved to teach Camilla the real lesson (to him, Marissa was hot, but to her, well, the redhead was her best friend), he had taken a secondary role a couple nights ago, more of a supportive or backstage thing, minus the part where he was simultaneously the face of the operation. He was more than capable of taking down Camilla on his own, though.

Ruben’s smirk grew as he noticed the subtle shift of her hand, a split-second sign of Camilla preparing to cast some spell. He didn’t feel any need to prove his abilities to her. He also didn’t feel the need to pass up the chance. Her evaluation of him was entirely off the mark and needed correction. (The fact that she had figured out it was Rose who actually performed their shakedown made little impression on him. Rose’s desire to remain anonymous was already baffling to him - clearly, his lessons on proper punching technique hadn’t translated for her into the same fiercely proud mentality of his Nordic peers - and he wasn’t about to start caring about it.)

Hopping to the left to get out of her initial line of fire, he dodged the following attacks by curling into a low dive. Ruben performed a one-armed roll, aiming towards Camilla and a little on the diagonal, wand tucked safely against his chest with his other arm. He landed in a crouch and then rolled to the side for good measure, feeling a rush of adrenaline pumping through his limbs and - across his scalp? Weird. Blue eyes then landed on Camilla, noting how her wand was pointed at him, and he put up a nonverbal shield again. And then realized how light his head felt.

“I helvete heller.” The words were addressed at a low volume towards the ground, where beside his shoes was resting a long, dark-blonde braid. Ruben had never seen this braid not attached to his own head, but of course he recognized it. He’d spent literally years growing it out. Hadn’t had hair shorter than his jawline since he was, like, ten. Until now.

Standing up, he shot a dark glare at Camilla and jabbed his wand at her. There was some (un)lucky student’s knapsack leaning against the wall behind her. Silently, he cast a Head-beating Hex on it. It wasn’t technically in the school curriculum but had been a favourite among his fellow Durmstrang duelers due to its combined annoyance and difficulty to reverse; it caused objects to follow their target and repeatedly whack them over the head, not hard, but enough to cause a distraction. It was irritatingly impossible for him to take satisfaction in that happening to Camilla right now, because his head was irritatingly bald right now, which just ruined everything.

Assuming that it would, indeed, distract her, Ruben followed the Head-beating Hex with a Stinging Hex. And just in case that failed, he took a step forwards at the same time and drew his other fist back, aiming to punch her in the ribs.

  • Hi, I´m Justice... - Camilla, Fri May 5 21:01
    The blonde looked at Ruben with contempt as he deflected her jinx with a shield charm, but a smug smile adorned her lips as she saw him stumbling a bit backwards. She was strong, and she knew it. It... more
    • And I'm righteousness - Ruben, Sat May 6 00:29
      • ....I have no answer to that - Camilla, Sat May 6 13:50
        The blonde had to admit that Ruben was pretty damn good at dueling, especially the athletic part of it all. She watched as he jumped, hopped and rolled around in order to miss what she had sent his... more
        • Good. Now be quiet. - Ruben, Sat May 6 15:11
          At her shriek, his lips curled in an expression that was sort of a grin and sort of a sneer and mostly just the pleasureable warping of his rage against Camilla. Rose had done a number on the older... more
          • I have the last word. - Camilla, Sat May 6 15:47
            Hot burning rage shot through her body as the physical pain navigated her body. Her ribs hurts every time she took a breath, and now Ruben was leaning his weight on her leg who was being... more
            • No, I do - Prof. Lorraine Taylor, Sat May 6 16:10
              When Lorraine had agreed to take over Dueling Club for Ivy, she had anticipated something relatively sedate. The tall, blonde woman admittedly did not know the students in the club very well - the... more
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