....I have no answer to that
Sat May 6, 2017 13:50

The blonde had to admit that Ruben was pretty damn good at dueling, especially the athletic part of it all. She watched as he jumped, hopped and rolled around in order to miss what she had sent his way. It was rather impressive, if she was honest, but she would never ever admit to this thoughts out loud. She hated Ruben, she wanted to annihilate Ruben. And maybe have a heated argument with him? For a second her loathing turned into admiration, but that feeling evaporated as quickly as water boiling. The Swede was no better than bacteria in the swamp.

Ugh, how she hated him, even when he was somewhat hot. That hadn't changed, though his attractiveness had dwindled a lot. His braid was on the ground.Ruben, didn't look that good without his luscious hair. Her smugness over making him bald was quickly forgotten, though.

Her hazel-eyes followed Ruben´s murderous glare from his hair to his wand that got pointed at a knapsack. She got confused for a second thinking that he had misfired, but a second later the thing flew towards her head. Camilla shrieked and without thinking she pointed her wand at the thing and made it explode. She was sure the owner would not be very happy about it, but the blonde didn't have much time to ponder that misfortune when she caught a quick hex coming her way. She barely dodged it on time, but, thankfully, she did. Camilla felt the hex fly over her right ear leaving a trail of warmth near her. It had been close!

Damn, that was close.

The blonde was about to answer Ruben with another hex when she felt a jolt of pain coming from her ribs. His fist had made contact with her body.

Not Again

Camilla screamed in pain, lost her balance, and flailed violently as she fell down. She hadn't seen Ruben coming near her quick enough to dodge his physical attack, but she felt his body near her. He had punched her! The barbarian had punched her! Her legs flailed violently in his general direction. She felt them make contact with something, but she wasn't sure what was happening. The blonde was on the floor the next second with bruised ribs. She wrapped her arms around her torso for a second trying to collect her bearings. It hurt. It really did.

  • And I'm righteousness - Ruben, Sat May 6 00:29
    He laughed out loud at Camilla’s taunt. “Fan, skojar du?” Ruben couldn’t really blame her for the presumption, but if she knew how wrong she was… Neither he nor Rose were the type of person to hide... more
    • ....I have no answer to that - Camilla, Sat May 6 13:50
      • Good. Now be quiet. - Ruben, Sat May 6 15:11
        At her shriek, his lips curled in an expression that was sort of a grin and sort of a sneer and mostly just the pleasureable warping of his rage against Camilla. Rose had done a number on the older... more
        • I have the last word. - Camilla, Sat May 6 15:47
          Hot burning rage shot through her body as the physical pain navigated her body. Her ribs hurts every time she took a breath, and now Ruben was leaning his weight on her leg who was being... more
          • No, I do - Prof. Lorraine Taylor, Sat May 6 16:10
            When Lorraine had agreed to take over Dueling Club for Ivy, she had anticipated something relatively sedate. The tall, blonde woman admittedly did not know the students in the club very well - the... more
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