Good. Now be quiet.
Sat May 6, 2017 15:11

At her shriek, his lips curled in an expression that was sort of a grin and sort of a sneer and mostly just the pleasureable warping of his rage against Camilla. Rose had done a number on the older girl already - not as good as his buddy EJ’s against the French idiot, but good enough, considering how short a time she had joined him for his training sessions. And Ruben was pretty familiar with how much a cleverly-placed fist could hurt when lined up with previous bruises, having been on both the giving and receiving end of that on numerous occasions, though more giving than receiving in recent years. His aiming at Camilla’s ribs had been very intentional, and her reaction was exactly what he’d wanted.

Her flailing was less desirable (it would have been nice if she just went down easy) but not entirely unexpected. Having automatically made his stance more rigid as his fist moved, Ruben only flinched with a slight hiss when one of her feet caught him too high up to be comfortable, but he was already studiously ignoring the bits of fabric and paper that had come floating down around them after she exploded the knapsack, so he could ignore this for now as well. She hadn’t kicked him too hard. And his martial arts expertise was focused on physical interaction. Camilla might be good with spells, but he was confident she had nothing on him in this area. The thought satisfying, if still not nearly enough to make up for his hair.

As her legs kicked out, he was already moving on autopilot, grabbing one of her feet with his free hand and using it as leverage to push her roughly to the ground. Camilla and he were close to the same height, but with her now lying down, it didn’t make sense for him to stay standing; he ducked lower as she went down, forcing her leg to twist and leaning on it. She didn’t seem inclined to move soon and he took the chance to cast Expelliarmus, though he didn’t bother to catch the wand when it flew towards him. Instead he let it land harmlessly on the floor. His attention was elsewhere.

“I do not hide behind anyone,” he snapped at Camilla, turning his wand to point into her face and glowering darkly. Ruben had thought she was attractive before now, and she still was because that part of his brain never really turned off, but even with being this close to her, the only thing he could see was his own hair, a braid on the floor overlaid on Camilla’s face. That had been so uncalled-for. “Make not that mistake again.”

  • ....I have no answer to that - Camilla, Sat May 6 13:50
    The blonde had to admit that Ruben was pretty damn good at dueling, especially the athletic part of it all. She watched as he jumped, hopped and rolled around in order to miss what she had sent his... more
    • Good. Now be quiet. - Ruben, Sat May 6 15:11
      • I have the last word. - Camilla, Sat May 6 15:47
        Hot burning rage shot through her body as the physical pain navigated her body. Her ribs hurts every time she took a breath, and now Ruben was leaning his weight on her leg who was being... more
        • No, I do - Prof. Lorraine Taylor, Sat May 6 16:10
          When Lorraine had agreed to take over Dueling Club for Ivy, she had anticipated something relatively sedate. The tall, blonde woman admittedly did not know the students in the club very well - the... more
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