Connor Farnon
I'm not a fan of surprises
Fri Aug 4, 2017 06:00

Thus far into the school year, all two weeks of it, Connor Farnon had managed to duck all attempts Marley might have made at talking to him. Sometimes this involved literal ducking (behind corners or other students), but in class that wasnít an option so it had involved him quickly pairing with whatever student he first came across. This had interesting results. He had ended up pairing with Skylar Kimmel more than once, which Connor hadnít been too much of a fan of, but immediately after the first time he paired with Skylar he had ended up with a first year named Huburt who was infinitely worse. Connor was relatively intelligent; he wasnít as academically driven as his sister (or, although heíd never admit it, his brother), but he was fairly capable with a wand and his potions skills werenít terrible either. Plus, thus far Potions had only been review. With little else to do over the summer, Connor had spent a good portion of it going over notes from the last two years.

The third year pushed his dark brown hair out of his eyes as he entered the practical lab and looked around for an empty seat. There was one in the front row and he hastened toward it. In Potions, it was pretty common to work with the person at your lab bench and the person at this particular lab bench was not Marley, Skylar, or Huburt. Connor was pretty sure the person in question was a first year, but although he would prefer to work with someone his own age, he also would prefer to not work with any of the aforementioned people. The second preference would always win out over the first one, so Connor took his seat and placed his bag on the floor next to him. There was sugar and milk at the table already, which he thought was a bit odd, but Professor Hier was a bit odd. Connor didnít strictly approve of having a man in a wheelchair teach a room full of students (it was a bad example, in his opinion) but clearly Headmaster Bonilla had thought it wise and it wasnít Connorís job to question the adults around him.

Professor Hier explained the lesson to them and Connor frowned. He was as much of a fan of ice cream as any thirteen year old boy, but why in Potions class? Wasnít it unsanitary? What if there were remains of other potions on the lab benches or something? He gritted his teeth and mentally instructed himself to stop arguing with the lesson. It was something Dade would do and since Connor had turned thirteen he had been much more aware of how he wanted his behaviour to be different than either of his siblings. The Farnons were not a powerful pureblood family, but he wanted to carry on the family legacy and that meant behaving appropriately.

As soon as Professor Hier wrapped up the lesson explanation, the boy next to Connor turned to him and expressed interest in working together. That was all well and good - it had been the plan, after all - but the boyís English seemed to be...lacking. Politely, Connor smiled even though his first instinct was to frown. Had he accidentally partnered himself with a foreigner? Well, technically Connor himself was a foreigner (they were in the United States, after all), but being from England was different. As a general rule, Connor didnít approve of foreigners. They had their own schools, why come to his?

ďNot yet,Ē the Cetus said politely, bending down to pull his potions kit out of his backpack. ďI would be delighted to partner with you, though.Ē he added, opening the kit to remove the indicated ingredients, placing them on the table in front of them. Connor also removed the bronze scale he kept in his kit. ďI suppose you havenít properly worked on potions before?Ē

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    Blue eyes blinked at the fuzzy greeting from their professor. Anssi wasnít sure whether he was being spoken to directly or just as a general member of the cluster of other students he had walked in... more
    • I'm not a fan of surprises - Connor Farnon, Fri Aug 4 06:00
      • This isn't too bad - Anssi, Sat Aug 5 14:05
        So many of the older students at RMI used big words that Anssi didnít recognize. He wasnít sure if it was because they were showing off how smart they were to each other, or if using big words was... more
        • Could be worse, could be raining - Connor, Thu Aug 10 06:08
          Before today we have only done book research . Connor did not stare at the boy like he was an idiot, but he was tempted. Instead, he busied himself by focusing more intently on the ingredients he was ... more
          • Don't jinx it! - Anssi, Sat Aug 12 15:51
            Pleased at the older boyís reciprocation, Anssi shook his hand. He tried to pay attention to this carefully. Hand-shaking was such a polite way to meet someone else, and he didnít want to insult... more
            • We're in the wrong class for that! - Connor, Sun Aug 13 15:35
              Anssi was clearly incapable of speaking proper English, and Connor smiled politely while gritting his teeth. Why had RMI let some kid in who couldnít speak English the right way? Were there remedial... more
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