Hunter Ioma
Came For This, Stayed for That
Sat Aug 5, 2017 21:29

Ice cream! Magic ice cream! As far as Hunter could envision, there was literally no way that could possibly be anything less than awesome. He had no idea what sort of “cool stuff” could possibly happen as the result of adding ingredients to magical ice cream, but he couldn’t wait to find out.

Hunter bolted up to the front table as soon as Rob told them to get started. There was a deliciously fragrant leafy thing in his kit that he was sure would be good, but he wanted to see what was available up on the table right away. There were lots of interesting things up there but there was mint and it smelled minty and Hunter loved mint a lot so he grabbed some and ran back to his seat. Once there he pulled opened his potions kit and went right for the deliciously fragrant leafy thing. He took a deep sniff and sighed, then checked the name. “Wormwood…” he said outloud. “Not a very appealing name, is it? But it smells great and that’s what matters, right?”

Hunter had sat next to a third year he didn’t really know very well. Not for any particular reason or anything, but the seat was there and it was always nice to work with new people. He got the sense that she was kind of shy, but that didn’t bother Hunter at all. After he figured out the name for the excellent-smelling thing from his kit she looked up from her potions book.

“I beg your pardon?”

Hunter blinked once while he parsed those words. That phrase always made him stumble. He had no idea why.

“Oh I was just saying to myself that this stuff,” he gestured with the hand holding the wormwood, “has a pretty unappealing name, but it smells great.” He then gestured with his other hand, holding the peppermint. “I also grabbed this from the front. It smells like mint! I love mint. I’m pretty sure it’s mint.”

Hunter looked from one herb to the other, suddenly confronted with strong indecision. “I don’t know which one I prefer, honestly. I mean the wormwood smells so great and I like to smell it every time I open my potions kit, but also this is mint! I wonder what would happen if we tried both? Probably the flavors would clash, though…”

Hunter thought for a moment, then realized it was possible his partner thought he was insisting on using one of those two, which he didn’t mean to be doing at all. “Oh ah but of course we don’t have to use either, if there’s something else you’d like. I’m not very good at potions so if you say something is a better idea I completely believe you.”

“I’m Hunter, by the way. I don’t know if you know. I mean I know we’ve been at school together and in all the same classes for a year but I’m bad at names so I don’t want to assume. You’re… Claudia, right?”

  • I came to class for this? - Claudia Dubois, Thu Aug 3 15:06
    Claudia had French-braided her dark blonde hair into two neat pigtails down each side of her head, fastened securely at each shoulder with a metallic blue hair elastic. She was wearing the faintest... more
    • Came For This, Stayed for That - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 5 21:29
      • I guess things could be worse - Claudia, Tue Aug 8 03:31
        Hunter was one of the many younger students about whom Claudia had no real opinion. It felt to her like he might be a little clumsy, but she didn't know whether this opinion was formed from having... more
        • Challenge Accepted! - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 19 15:17
          Once Claudia pointed it out, Hunter noticed that indeed there were two sets of bags and ingredients in front of them, so they could each make whatever they like on their own. Which was cool, because... more
          • Oh no - Claudia, Mon Aug 21 10:16
            Hunter reacted well to being told he would not be working with her after all. Pleased with their situation for the time being, Claudia silently set about meticulously preparing her ingredients. She... more
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