Teal Rosse
Sat Aug 5, 2017 23:39

Potions was usually one of Teal’s favorite classes. She wasn’t as good as Mom, but Mom was like, an adult who did Potions all day for her job. And who used to teach this class! Teal wondered if there was a correlation between teaching Potions and being the Aquila Head of House. Were Aquilas more likely to get into Potions, seeing as how Potions had so many possibilities for sneaky mayhem? Or did spending too much time in a classroom full of vapors turn you into an Aquila?

Personally, Teal thought that Professor Rob couldn’t get any weirder if he straight-up drank his student’s potions. It couldn’t do him any harm, right? In her first year, Teal had been freaked out that Professor Rob used a wheelchair. She’d only ever seen Muggles use them, and some of her first letters home were filled with things like “What do you mean we can’t fix everything?” In some ways it was reassuring. Otherwise, all wizards were big jerks for not helping out their feeble muggle friends. Prof Rob had even played Quidditch when he was a student, according to Mom, and he got to hang out with a fun dog all day, so Teal supposed that whatever reason he was in a wheelchair wasn’t actually that bad. She occasionally speculated about the cause (especially at the start of term when Rob told tall tales about potions safety), but by now she knew that the most important thing about Prof Rob was that you could sass him as long as you didn’t mind getting sassed back. (Yet another thing Prof Rob had in common with Mom).

So overall, Teal liked Potions. It was a fun class with a fun teacher, and she was usually pretty good at it. But this week had been off. It was Friday, and Teal’s right arm was still sore from Quodpot. Coach Gerry had checked it out and healed her right up, and she’d gone to see Medic Rock later, but the girl still thought it was sore. Yesterday, Annie had said Teal had kept her up the night before night, tossing and turning.

Teal felt guilty that she was being such a big baby, and this morning she’d gotten up early for breakfast so Annie could sleep in. She’d thrown on a plain purple tank top and some baggy, slightly ripped jeans so she could go devour pancakes. Teal had enough time before class to go back to her dorm, so she added some matching purple eye shadow, a pink-and-white polkadot scarf, and pink lip gloss. Teal’s favorite sparkly black boots completed the look (with her robes thrown over, not even fastned, of course). The scarf and eye shadow cheered her up throughout all of Friday, especially when no one wanted to go to class after lunch.

Teal lurked at a potions table on the edge of the classroom, somewhat near the back. She wasn’t really saving a seat for Raja (it didn’t have his name on it), but when a disheveled-looking Marley Chapman ran in, Teal smiled and waved her over. Teal liked Marley, and the other girl looked like she needed a hand. ”I made such a mess in the halls, I didn’t have time to straighten all this out before coming to class!” The Draco chuckled sympathetically, seeing Marley’s broken flipflop. Teal was going to offer to stick it back together, but then Prof Rob said they would make ICE CREAM. She grinned, bouncing up and down in her seat. As soon as Prof Rob gave them the instructions, Marley turned to Teal and started talking.

“What kinda extra ingredient do you think you’ll add to it? I haven’t eaten much magical ice-cream before - only a couple times, actually, and both of those were last weekend when I went up to Pearl Street. One of them was like, hot chocolate, like it was literally chocolate ice-cream that was steaming. I think probably it’s better to eat in wintertime, or at least on a rainy day; it was sort of weird to eat out in the sun. But the other one I had was cotton candy! Not like Muggle cotton candy ice-cream, where it has the right flavour but it still feels like ice-cream; it really felt like cotton candy to eat! I wonder if I have any ingredients that would do that?”

Marley was clearly VERY excited about the ice cream. Teal was JUST as excited, especially since Marley had only had boring ice cream for so long! Teal fondly remembered eating ice cream that made you laugh hysterically with her dad, and one time Mom made ice cream that made your hair turn different colors.

“I don’t know about cotton candy, but we might be able to make ice cream that is lighter than regular ice cream? Like fluffier?” Teal pulled out her potions kit and ran her finger down some of the labels. “Billywig stings? No wait, that would make us lighter, not the ice cream. Hmm, I don’t know if I want to fly today. My mom made this ice cream one time that made our hair change colors-- that was fun! I don’t really remember what was in it, though. Maybe mother-of-pearl? That has stuff to do with colors and appearance, right?”

She grinned at Marley. “Or we could use one of Rob’s ingredients. That’d be safer!” Teal didn’t have a strong preference either way-- she’d go along with whatever Marley wanted to do. After all, Teal could get crazy homemade ice cream whenever she wanted (or whenever she was at home). But for the other girl, this was an extra-special treat.

  • YAY! - Marley Chapman, Sat Aug 5 16:20
    Marley had been trying to arrive earlier to classes, because a lot of the teachers assigned partner-work and it had been literally ages since she’d been able to partner up with her crush best friend. ... more
    • I KNOW, RIGHT? - Teal Rosse, Sat Aug 5 23:39
      • SCREAMING - Marley, Tue Aug 8 21:40
        Pulling a Crokoa pod out of her kit, Marley checked the board to make sure she only needed one. Whoops, no, two. Two pods. Did she have more pods? She pushed a clump of alihotsy to the side in order... more
        • GAWKING - TEAL, Sat Aug 12 10:30
          Marley was VERY excited about Teal having color-changing hair. Teal giggled at the other girl’s expression and tried to remember exactly how the ice cream had worked. “My hair sort of cycled through... more
          • BLUSHING - Marley, Sat Aug 12 16:31
            “Rainbow hair?” Marley echoed thoughtfully. “I guess if you just wanted colourful hair, that’d still be easier than having to learn how to do hair charms or potions or whatever. And also tastier,... more
            • SQUEAKING - Teal, Fri Aug 25 23:01
              Teal was delighted that Marley was so interested in her gossip. It was always fun when someone thought you were interesting, especially when that someone was also fun. She’d worried a bit that all... more
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