Katherine Kendrick
He? Who's he?
Mon Aug 7, 2017 21:48

So far Potions had been infinity times boringer than Kit had expected it to be. She knew Rob was pretty cool, not only had she met him a bunch of times last year BUT Marissa thought that Rob was pretty cool which meant that he totally was. Plus, Aunt Cosette did too, and Marissa thought Aunt Cosette was cool and Kit thought Aunt Cosette was cool (even though Dad was weird around her sometimes) so clearly Rob had a lot of things going for him. So far not so good with the teaching thing though because so far Rob had made them stare at a boring book for two entire weeks. Drew had done a lot of the work for him and Kit, while Kit had mostly squished things using the mortar and pestle or considered licking the things she couldn’t squish. She hadn’t been able to get Drew to dare her to actually lick any of them, or she totally would have. Anyway, Rob was boring so far and Kit was ready to have a not boring Potions class.

When they got to the lab, Kit’s bright green eyes landed immediately on what looked like a giant thing of milk. She had never seen milk in a Potions lab before, but it wasn’t like either one of her parents recreationally did potions so maybe milk was super common and she just didn’t know about it. A super common ingredient. Of course milk was super common. There were like six different types of milk, and Kit definitely hadn’t tried all of them but the ones she had tried she was a pretty big fan of, especially once you did things like put chocolate sauce in it. She didn’t like chocolate powder as much as chocolate sauce but she’d take either one of them as long as it wasn’t dark chocolate, which she thought was gross but Marissa thought it was good. Which was weird but it worked out because then Kit could have the good chocolate and Marissa could have the yucky chocolate at Halloween and things. She did share with Drew sometimes, who preferred good chocolate, but Kit didn’t have to share with Drew because he wasn’t her sister.

Rob said some things but the important part of what he said was that they were going to make ICE CREAM which was amazing. Kit loved ice cream of all varieties as long as it wasn’t sorbet, which was just healthy food disguised as ice cream and therefore a fraud. Rob was pretty brief in his comments so it wasn’t very long until she was able to skip right up to the front table and grab an ingredient to use in their ice cream. She almost stopped to ask Rob to pet his dog but Dad had explained you shouldn’t do that with service dogs so she didn’t pet the dog. Which was a pity because the dog was pretty cute. She was a laborador, which was Kit’s third favorite type of dog. Her second favorite was golden retrievers but obviously her first favorite was border collies because Grandpa Aaron could turn into a border collie whenever he wanted. He said when she was old enough she could learn to turn into an animal too, which sounded super cool.

When Kit came skipping back to the benches, she found the friendliest looking person she could find, who happened to have pretty hair with a really cool bow in it, and plopped down next to her before revealing a handful of whatever it was that she had grabbed. They were long and thin and looked almost like porcupine needles. Kit frowned. “I don’t know what those are,” she said. Then she perked up. “But I can lick them if you want!”

  • Ice Cream! He brought me ice cream! - Remington Burnham, Sat Aug 5 23:29
    Ice cream! Remington beamed and placed her open notebook on the table in front of her. She took meticulous notes based on what Rob said, using her emerald green flair pen that had been designated... more
    • He? Who's he? - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 7 21:48
      • He's He! - Remington, Thu Aug 17 15:35
        Remington recognized the very excited red-head from a few of her other classes. Still, her brown eyes blinked in surprise. She couldn’t remember the younger girl’s name. She felt a little bad about... more
        • He who? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 08:36
          The girl’s name was Remington and she was encouraging Kit to lick as many things as she wanted as long as there was enough left to use for the potion, so Kit liked her immediately. Drew was boring... more
          • That one, over there! - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:39
            Remington’s hand was slightly numb from the very enthusiastic handshake she’d gotten from Kit, so that was interesting. And the girl was a talker. The Draco considered herself to be a nice and... more
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