I guess things could be worse
Tue Aug 8, 2017 03:31

Hunter was one of the many younger students about whom Claudia had no real opinion. It felt to her like he might be a little clumsy, but she didn't know whether this opinion was formed from having actually observed him being clumsy (she couldn't immediately recall any specific scenarios but that did not mean they had not occurred) or if he just gave her that impression by his mannerisms; either way it was not a desirable quality for a person of proximity in a potions class.

He dutifully explained the disturbance, but it wasn't pleasing to hear, as he had apparently unnecessarily disturbed Claudia by talking to himself about the small variety of leaves he had before him. Unsure precisely how to respond, if indeed she would at all, Claudia was saved the trouble of forming a decision by the sudden need to address Hunter’s misconception about them working together. “You make whatever you like,” she said, patiently, “as I believe there are sufficient ingredients and bags for us each to make her own product.” She didn't doubt some students in their class might work in partnership out of preference, but Claudia was not among them.

“I believe the key properties of wormwood are drowsiness and hallucination,” she offered in consolation. “It has a bitter taste. The peppermint would compliment it nicely but I don't know how their respective effects would react.” This was partially because she had only ever encountered peppermint as a dampener, to reduce particular symptoms or side effects, and so she wasn't sure how it would affect the consumer of otherwise unadulterated peppermint ice cream, and partially because often ingredients would react with each other to have entirely different effects. In her third year, Claudia probably had more potions knowledge than Hunter, but she was by no means an expert.

Next Hunter went on to introduce himself. Claudia frowned at him. “Yes, we worked in spellwork together last year,” she said, aloof. Besides, the implication that she wouldn't know who he was after an entire year and more of classes together was residually insulting… but not so offensive as the fact that Hunter had worked directly with her and forgotten this entirely. Claudia had liked to believe she was more memorable than that.

Having given her options some consideration, Claudia was almost certainly decided on cherries for herself. It wasn't an ingredient she usually had but the invisibility potion was a third year concoction so she had recently acquired some as a precaution; the charmed compartments of her potions kit kept fresh ingredients well preserved. The Cetus student liked the taste of cherries, and her limited knowledge of their properties suggested the ice cream might have some effects relating to invisibility, and that didn't sound too odious.

Her decision made, Claudia extracted some of the fruit, as well as the other necessary ingredients from her kit. “Did you make a decision?” She asked Hunter. She didn't want to work with him but she was not opposed to engaging him in conversation if he was that way inclined.

  • Came For This, Stayed for That - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 5 21:29
    Ice cream! Magic ice cream! As far as Hunter could envision, there was literally no way that could possibly be anything less than awesome. He had no idea what sort of “cool stuff” could possibly... more
    • I guess things could be worse - Claudia, Tue Aug 8 03:31
      • Challenge Accepted! - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 19 15:17
        Once Claudia pointed it out, Hunter noticed that indeed there were two sets of bags and ingredients in front of them, so they could each make whatever they like on their own. Which was cool, because... more
        • Oh no - Claudia, Mon Aug 21 10:16
          Hunter reacted well to being told he would not be working with her after all. Pleased with their situation for the time being, Claudia silently set about meticulously preparing her ingredients. She... more
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