Tue Aug 8, 2017 21:40

Pulling a Crokoa pod out of her kit, Marley checked the board to make sure she only needed one. Whoops, no, two. Two pods. Did she have more pods? She pushed a clump of alihotsy to the side in order to rummage around underneath. The dark-skinned girl paused in her attempts at feeling out the corners of her kit before finding another pod, however, in order to turn her eyes to Teal, who was now talking about ice-cream that could make you fly. Marley’s eyes went wide at the thought. Flying ice-cream would be so interesting! And, like, what if you ate the ice-cream while you were playing Quidditch? Obviously it would be hard to eat in the first place since Quidditch wasn’t really an ideal environment for snacks (although Marley could admit to having snuck the occasional cookie in her uniform pockets for a midair munch) (and also a pear that one time) (and half a cheese-and-tuna sandwich, which had been a mistake), but assuming you could get a whole bowl of ice-cream down, and the ice-cream made you fly but you were already flying….

Teal hadn’t been her first choice of Potions partner, but that was solely because Teal wasn’t Connor. Her priorities were nothing against Teal herself. Marley was pretty delighted to have wound up beside her; she always had fun with her yearmate, and it had been so nice of Teal to save her a seat when she’d run in almost-late today! On top of that, she was now introducing some totally new ideas about magical ice-cream, things that Marley hadn’t even considered. Magical ice-cream, in her super limited experience, could feel and taste very different, but Teal was talking about ice-cream that, like, actually changed the person eating it. Flying and hair and, wow!

“Your hair changed colours?” Marley echoed, equal parts incredulous and amazed. “Like, just random colours? Or could you control it? Or, oooh, d’you think it’d even be possible to make hair-colour-changing ice-cream that you can control?” Teal was the expert on colour-changing ice-cream, at least compared to herself, so she was clearly the right person to ask. “I’d love to have different hair colours. Like Holland! But, Holland’s awesome at charms and stuff, and I’m really not,” she laughed. Some people (like her mum) would probably say it was impractical to make and eat ice-cream every time you wanted to change your hair colour. But if Marley sucked at beauty charms (she hadn’t tried any yet, but she assumed she would suck at least a bit), then it made sense to use ice-cream instead. Plus, ice-cream was delicious, and there was no risk of it backfiring like charms could. Probably.

When Teal asked for her opinion on what extra ingredient they should use, Marley hummed. “There’s so many choices.” Her ankle itched. The right ankle, fortunately, so it was easy for her to just balance on one foot and give it a good scratch through her knee-high socks with her bare toes. Looking back down at her potions kit, the first thing that caught her attention was again the alihotsy, and she held up a short, leafy branch with a grin. “This would be fun! When I first went shopping for ingredients, like, waaaay back in first year,” she recalled, “I thought it smelled really good and took a bite out of it when my mum wasn’t watching. She had to do, like, some kinda anti-cheering-charm on me, ‘cause I was laughing so much and couldn’t stop!” Marley giggled involuntarily at the memory. “But I bet it would be a little milder, when mixed with the ice-cream and stuff. Oh, do you have an extra crokoa pod?” The sudden topic-change came as a result of realizing that she was still holding in her fist the lone pod she had managed to find in her kit.

  • I KNOW, RIGHT? - Teal Rosse, Sat Aug 5 23:39
    Potions was usually one of Teal’s favorite classes. She wasn’t as good as Mom, but Mom was like, an adult who did Potions all day for her job. And who used to teach this class! Teal wondered if there ... more
    • SCREAMING - Marley, Tue Aug 8 21:40
      • GAWKING - TEAL, Sat Aug 12 10:30
        Marley was VERY excited about Teal having color-changing hair. Teal giggled at the other girl’s expression and tried to remember exactly how the ice cream had worked. “My hair sort of cycled through... more
        • BLUSHING - Marley, Sat Aug 12 16:31
          “Rainbow hair?” Marley echoed thoughtfully. “I guess if you just wanted colourful hair, that’d still be easier than having to learn how to do hair charms or potions or whatever. And also tastier,... more
          • SQUEAKING - Teal, Fri Aug 25 23:01
            Teal was delighted that Marley was so interested in her gossip. It was always fun when someone thought you were interesting, especially when that someone was also fun. She’d worried a bit that all... more
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