Corriander (Corri) Terrance
Count me too!
Tue Aug 8, 2017 23:25

It was already about two hours after lunch and Corri was already hungry. He did eat lunch but he’s a growing boy and needs his calories, dammit. He had heard about all kinds of potions wizards make from his mother. He remembered one incident with a love potion, where his mother’s friend became infatuated with her, and began following her around all day until Kyna finally got a professor to help undo the effects. Neither Kyna nor her friend spoke about the incident for years.

Corri liked potions class, he did. He was just hungry a lot during it and spent most of classtime wondering what would happen if he ate whatever they were working with at the time. Today, however, it seemed that Corri would wonder no longer, because today was Magical Ice Cream Day, which was like, the best thing ever. He was ready to be the first person to try whatever billywig stings tasted like, when his tablemate held out a tin of ‘Firecrab Jewels’. ““Hey, what do you think would happen if I put this in the ice cream?”

“Maybe it’ll make you breathe fire like a dragon.” Corri’s eyes lit up at the thought of being like a dragon. Then he had a brilliant idea. “What if you mixed those Billywig things with these firecrab jewels. We’d get two effects in one serving right? Then we could REALLY be dragons!” Corri was practically bouncing up and down with excitement at the thought of flying around and breathing fire. He looked at the boy holding the tin with chocolate eyes wider than saucers.

  • Dessert for lunch? Count me in! - Andrew Tennant, Tue Aug 8 14:54
    Rob technically wasn't new this year, but Drew had been at RMI longer than he had so he still counted as new. Most of the professors were new by that standard, but Rob was also just new to teaching... more
    • Count me too! - Corriander (Corri) Terrance, Tue Aug 8 23:25
      • Then that makes two of us - Drew, Fri Aug 11 17:05
        He recognized the other student as another first year, and after a lack of any stunning revelations it was pretty clear the other guy wasn’t a potions genius. Darn it. If Drew was working with an... more
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