Tains Basilio
Hopefully We can Actually End these Hiccups
Mon Jan 23, 2017 01:37

Tains was actually on time today. It was a relief not to have to come speeding in and actually have a good seat in the class rather than being forced to the back.

For once she didn’t have to squint to see the board and was surprised to see “Hiccuping Solution” written with a list of ingredients underneath. Tains had never been very good at potions -- they had the tendency to backfire, often quite literally.

But a Hiccuping Solution? She saw it involved Flabbergasted Leeches. She wondered if Fabulous leeches could work instead. How can you even tell what leeches are feeling anyhow…? Anyways, she couldn’t imagine why they even needed to know this potion--

Hic!” The force of her hiccup sent her jumping up in her seat, her pigtails bouncing against her shoulders. Uh-oh...

The professor instructed everyone to find a partner and get started on the Basic Reversal potion. Nerves, along with the hiccups, made Tains break into a sweat. She couldn’t for the life of her even remember ever hearing of that potion, let alone its ingredients. She thought it involved mustard seeds or something…?

Before she could properly think, the boy next to her fell of his chair in a fit of hiccups. She quickly scrambled to help him up.

“Hey I uh hic! I’m not sure how to make a hic! a reversal potion and hic! think I lost hic! my book. Any chance hic! we could hic! look it up togethhic!er?”

“Yehic!s, let’s do hic! It! I have mhic!y textbook rhic!t here--” Tains turned to grab her textbook off her desk and grabbed at empty air. Her textbook was nowhere in sight. Oh no She’d forgotten it. And she’d even made a point to get here on time too.

“Um, hic!, I think I hic! forghic!ot it,” Tains said, nervously. “I thhic!nk we’re on ohic!ur own…”

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