Celia Hier
You called? (Reply to Rob)
Thu Aug 10, 2017 00:39

Celia felt like she had barely closed her eyes when a shriek of toddler rage popped them open. Steven had not been happy about coming to live with his uncle and aunt, and had been expressing it frequently in classic two-year-old form. Celia groaned and hauled herself up out of bed to attempt to placate him before he managed to upset Julia and Jude. She noted briefly that the clock did read a couple hours later than it had when she had laid the kids and herself down for their naps, which was one good thing about the situation.

Too late. Jude's air raid siren of a wail rose to join Steven's shouts of, "WANT BLANKIE! BLANKIE!" Celia scooped up Jude from her crib and sprinted to Steven's room, to find the shrieking boy pounding the floor and rolling around. At least Jude had stopped screaming during Celia's sprint. Celia pulled Blankie from the gap between Steven's bed and the wall, where it had ended up every day this week when Steven couldn't find it upon waking, and gently draped it over the toddler's shoulders.

"Blankie's here, Steven," Celia said soothingly. "Blankie's right here, and so am I."

"I wanna go home," Steven sobbed as he calmed down. "Want Daddy."

"I know, kiddo," Celia said gently, scooting closer and allowing him to puddle into her lap. "I know. But this is your new home now." Steven kept crying. Jude, waiting for Mommy to pay attention to her again, began swinging her tiny fist at Celia. "I know, I know, I need to feed you," Celia said. "You always wake up hungry, don't you?" Celia made sure her squirmy baby couldn't accidentally kick Steven, who seemed to be running out of tears, and settled in to nurse on Steven's bedroom floor. Jude had barely latched on when Julia appeared in the doorway. Celia tensed for a moment, but one glance at Julia's expression and the board book she was carrying dispelled any notion that Julia was in one of her angry, distant moods. "All right," Celia said with a nod at the book, "but you have to turn the pages." Julia skipped happily in and attached herself to Celia's side like a remora. "Hold the book so that Steven can see it."

"It'd be a better book if the pictures moved," Julia said, but she held open Clifford the Big Red Dog eagerly nonetheless.

"That's because it came from my Muggle family," Celia told her. "And Muggles don't have magic that they can use to make the pictures move." As Celia read the story of Emily Elizabeth and Clifford, Steven finally stopped crying and turned to look at the book. Jude suckled happily as Celia read, with Julia asking, "Do I turn the page now?" whenever Celia paused for breath.

Steven seemed interested in the big doggie. Julia seemed slightly sad as the book ended, despite her excitement at the beginning of the story. Celia eyed her covertly as she burped Jude, and it wasn't long before Julia gave a deliberately heartfelt sigh and said, "I want a dog. A real dog, one that we can play with."

Celia was sure that statement would have earned Julia a Look from Lapis, the World's Most Sarcastic and Long-Suffering Service Dog, if Rob and Lapis hadn't just left for class. "A dog that you can play with, huh?" Great. Something else to try to remember to discuss with Rob before they both collapsed from exhaustion at the end of the day. "I need to talk to your Uncle Rob about it," Celia told Julia. "And then we'll see."

"It doesn't have to be a big dog!" Julia protested, figuring that might help her chances. "It just needs to be playful. With long floppy ears."

"Playful with long, floppy ears?" Celia repeated. "We'll see." She was spared having to make further promises by Jude, who decided to be loudly unhappy about the fact that she needed a diaper change. Jude wailed through the diaper change, which Celia had to admit was not the smoothest, with Steven clinging to her leg and Julia watching and providing commentary in awed disgust. Celia began walking around the apartment bouncing Jude, which usually helped, but not today. Steven was enjoying his lurching leg ride, at least, and Julia just trailed them with her fingers in her ears and an expression of profound unhappiness on her face at the sheer volume of noise Jude was making.

In the living room, Celia discovered that Steven had not put his wooden trains away before lunch and naptime and persuaded him to let go so he could catch the trains as they zoomed over the tracks. Julia had apparently dug through the entire basket of board books to find one about dogs and left all of them scattered on the floor. Celia had her put them away and moved with Jude into the kitchen. She needed to start dinner and make more milkwort infusion, and Jude would maybe be distracted enough by all the things Celia was pulling out to cook that she'd stop crying. Celia opened the fridge and realized immediately that her container of milkwort blossoms and leaves was gone, along with various fruits and all the Crokoa pods Celia had been saving to test how they interacted with the milkwort. Rob must have taken them to his lesson. Which was fine, maybe, because Kizzy was due to arrive any moment to help watch Steven and Julia, and Jude was spending more time looking at Rob's normal spot at the dinner table than she was looking inside the fridge.

"Fine, fine, everything will be just fine," Celia muttered under Jude's wails. A shout from the living room drew her attention, and she hurried to see that Steven had started playing with his trains instead of putting them away (fine) but that Julia had decided that some of the books belonged on the train table instead of in the basket (not fine, with either Steven or Celia). "But they're about trains!" she protested innocently when Celia told her to put them away in the right spot.

Kizzy cracked into the apartment at that moment, and Celia could have hugged the Head Elf. After explaining the situation to Kizzy and receiving her earnest promises to look after the children, Celia left with Jude still crying in her arms. "We're going to Daddy," Celia told her, trying to not sound as frazzled as the last fifteen minutes? half an hour? One hour? She wasn't sure - had left her feeling. "Daddy's not too far away. Were you looking for him when you woke up? Is that why you're unhappy, Jude? Is that why you're unhappy?" Celia wasn't sure if Jude was paying attention to her voice. Her baby was still crying, her little face red and wrinkled like a raisin. "We're almost there." Celia opened the door to the lab and stepped in, which of course meant that suddenly the loudest sound in the room was Jude, crying harder now that she could see Daddy and couldn't get to him. Celia flushed red, gave the class an embarrassed wave, and stepped forward to talk to Rob.

"I can't get her to stop crying," Celia confessed, everything suddenly catching up to her. She passed Jude to Rob, before Jude could fall out of Celia's arms as she reached for her daddy. "She's been crying since after naptime, since after I fed and burped and changed her. Steven had another tantrum. Julia wants a dog. And I think you have my milkwort."

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    It was the second week of classes and already Rob was exhausted. That was less to do with the actual demands of his professional life (he had set his first years to researching potions ingredients... more
    • Food is for buying, not for making - Dade Farnon, Sun Aug 20 09:51
      Overall, Dade’s opinion of Potions has changed back and forth quite a bit in the past year. He hated it, then he loved it, then he hated it. Now that he’d hit his stride in Potions, he was back to... more
      • Perhaps, but looks like we are making it anyway - Lilly-anna Shu, Wed Aug 23 01:06
        Lilly-Anna was excited for potions class. She enjoyed mixing this and that and having something awesome happen. It wasn't like transfigurations, which she was awful at. She couldn't wait till she was ... more
        • There is no 'we' here - Dade, Sun Aug 27 20:59
          The girl next to him kept muttering to himself and Dade was pointedly ignoring her as he meticulously sliced his Flitterbloom root. Her name was Lily-Anna, she was in Aquila like he should have been, ... more
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      Clayton was slowly starting to get used to the routine of magical school. The hardest part for him was ensuring he was getting himself up in enough time that he could have breakfast and make it to... more
      • Please use your indoor voice to receive ice cream - Darlene Knight, Sat Aug 19 11:49
        Professor Hier - Rob? - was a strange man. First and foremost, he just wanted them to call him Rob, which was weird because he was an adult in an authority position and they were just children. It... more
        • But yelling is so much more fun - Clayton, Sun Aug 27 01:15
          Clayton nodded as she asked for the billywig stigs, surprised that she’d chosen such an odd ingredient. He moved to get out of his chair, but her introduction stopped him, made aware he’d failed to... more
    • You called? (Reply to Rob) - Celia Hier, Thu Aug 10 00:39
    • How sweet is it? - Alistair Hazelhurst, Wed Aug 9 21:46
      Alistair generally loved making food in the kitchen with his grandmother. It was one of the only times where he really felt like he was having a "normal" grandparent/grandchild relationship with her. ... more
      • Not sweet enough! - Dhruv Bansal, Sat Aug 12 23:30
        Dhruv was one of those kids who routinely left Potions class with minor injuries. He’d arguably gained a bit of a reputation for it, and he knew some students saw him as a mayhem maker as a result.... more
    • What's wrong with normal ice cream? - Dylan Xavier, Wed Aug 9 11:02
      Dylan was getting bored of reading about potion ingredients without ever getting a chance to make a potion. Understanding the basics was all well and good, but Dylan wasn't sure he could absorb... more
      • Lesson 1: nothing is normal around here. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Aug 12 13:25
        As far as Raja could tell, the only thing about being a second year was that you weren’t a first year anymore. Like, that was literally it. There was time now for building a reputation and things... more
    • Dessert for lunch? Count me in! - Andrew Tennant, Tue Aug 8 14:54
      Rob technically wasn't new this year, but Drew had been at RMI longer than he had so he still counted as new. Most of the professors were new by that standard, but Rob was also just new to teaching... more
      • Count me too! - Corriander (Corri) Terrance, Tue Aug 8 23:25
        It was already about two hours after lunch and Corri was already hungry. He did eat lunch but he’s a growing boy and needs his calories, dammit. He had heard about all kinds of potions wizards make... more
        • Then that makes two of us - Drew, Fri Aug 11 17:05
          He recognized the other student as another first year, and after a lack of any stunning revelations it was pretty clear the other guy wasn’t a potions genius. Darn it. If Drew was working with an... more
    • Delicious class! - Sara de Alba, Mon Aug 7 12:25
      Sara’s experience as RMI’s most dumb second year had definitely come to an end, at least in most of her classes, but potions was another matter entirely. It had been the only class she managed to... more
      • om nom nom - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 8 12:10
        Om nom nom Now in his second week of classes, Satveer was settling in to the world of RMI. Classes had started, he’d penned a letter for home and had gotten to grips with the majority of the... more
        • Exactly - Sara, Sat Aug 12 19:51
          Sara realized that the person besides her was a first-year, primarily because he was not in her year or the year above her. RMI classes were small and it was rather easy to memorize almost everyone... more
          • Bubble-gum Blue - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Aug 18 12:12
            As Sara introduced herself and cautiously suggest they stick to the less complicated potions, Satveer found himself both disheartened but nodding in agreement. The only real idea that sprung to mind... more
            • Is a fun color? - Sara, Sat Aug 19 23:42
              The Lyra lit up at the mention of the Muggle book her mother had given her a few years ago. She knew the story from start to finish and she loved every piece of it. Her smile widened at the Muggle... more
              • Smells nice too! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 22 09:08
                The emotion that rung through Sara was evidence enough that Satveer has struck an exciting chord. What if she was muggle born? Maybe she was really into muggle books? What ever it was, it was a good... more
                • This is the good stuff! - Sara, Fri Aug 25 13:07
                  Sara pondered for a few minutes the suggestion the younger boy had offered. It sounded logical and doable, and yet she had the need to consult her textbook in case something catastrophic happened –... more
                  • And now, begin! - Satveer, Wed Aug 30 11:38
                    Satveer waited, poised for Sara’s response. "I don’t have any, though. Do you?” The words had but left Sara’s lips when Satveer delved his hand in his bag rummaging for the ingredient. As his hand... more
                    • Yes! - Sara, Sun Sep 3 17:02
                      Sara had been watching Sam rummaged around his stuff for the ingredient they needed to work on his potion. The mexican girl was glad he had some of it and he proudly placed it on the desk. The... more
    • Ice Cream! He brought me ice cream! - Remington Burnham, Sat Aug 5 23:29
      Ice cream! Remington beamed and placed her open notebook on the table in front of her. She took meticulous notes based on what Rob said, using her emerald green flair pen that had been designated... more
      • He? Who's he? - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 7 21:48
        So far Potions had been infinity times boringer than Kit had expected it to be. She knew Rob was pretty cool, not only had she met him a bunch of times last year BUT Marissa thought that Rob was... more
        • He's He! - Remington, Thu Aug 17 15:35
          Remington recognized the very excited red-head from a few of her other classes. Still, her brown eyes blinked in surprise. She couldn’t remember the younger girl’s name. She felt a little bad about... more
          • He who? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 08:36
            The girl’s name was Remington and she was encouraging Kit to lick as many things as she wanted as long as there was enough left to use for the potion, so Kit liked her immediately. Drew was boring... more
            • That one, over there! - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:39
              Remington’s hand was slightly numb from the very enthusiastic handshake she’d gotten from Kit, so that was interesting. And the girl was a talker. The Draco considered herself to be a nice and... more
    • YAY! - Marley Chapman, Sat Aug 5 16:20
      Marley had been trying to arrive earlier to classes, because a lot of the teachers assigned partner-work and it had been literally ages since she’d been able to partner up with her crush best friend. ... more
      • I KNOW, RIGHT? - Teal Rosse, Sat Aug 5 23:39
        Potions was usually one of Teal’s favorite classes. She wasn’t as good as Mom, but Mom was like, an adult who did Potions all day for her job. And who used to teach this class! Teal wondered if there ... more
        • SCREAMING - Marley, Tue Aug 8 21:40
          Pulling a Crokoa pod out of her kit, Marley checked the board to make sure she only needed one. Whoops, no, two. Two pods. Did she have more pods? She pushed a clump of alihotsy to the side in order... more
          • GAWKING - TEAL, Sat Aug 12 10:30
            Marley was VERY excited about Teal having color-changing hair. Teal giggled at the other girl’s expression and tried to remember exactly how the ice cream had worked. “My hair sort of cycled through... more
            • BLUSHING - Marley, Sat Aug 12 16:31
              “Rainbow hair?” Marley echoed thoughtfully. “I guess if you just wanted colourful hair, that’d still be easier than having to learn how to do hair charms or potions or whatever. And also tastier,... more
              • SQUEAKING - Teal, Fri Aug 25 23:01
                Teal was delighted that Marley was so interested in her gossip. It was always fun when someone thought you were interesting, especially when that someone was also fun. She’d worried a bit that all... more
    • I came to class for this? - Claudia Dubois, Thu Aug 3 15:06
      Claudia had French-braided her dark blonde hair into two neat pigtails down each side of her head, fastened securely at each shoulder with a metallic blue hair elastic. She was wearing the faintest... more
      • Came For This, Stayed for That - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 5 21:29
        Ice cream! Magic ice cream! As far as Hunter could envision, there was literally no way that could possibly be anything less than awesome. He had no idea what sort of “cool stuff” could possibly... more
        • I guess things could be worse - Claudia, Tue Aug 8 03:31
          Hunter was one of the many younger students about whom Claudia had no real opinion. It felt to her like he might be a little clumsy, but she didn't know whether this opinion was formed from having... more
          • Challenge Accepted! - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 19 15:17
            Once Claudia pointed it out, Hunter noticed that indeed there were two sets of bags and ingredients in front of them, so they could each make whatever they like on their own. Which was cool, because... more
            • Oh no - Claudia, Mon Aug 21 10:16
              Hunter reacted well to being told he would not be working with her after all. Pleased with their situation for the time being, Claudia silently set about meticulously preparing her ingredients. She... more
    • Yes, I am surprised - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Wed Aug 2 23:13
      Blue eyes blinked at the fuzzy greeting from their professor. Anssi wasn’t sure whether he was being spoken to directly or just as a general member of the cluster of other students he had walked in... more
      • I'm not a fan of surprises - Connor Farnon, Fri Aug 4 06:00
        Thus far into the school year, all two weeks of it, Connor Farnon had managed to duck all attempts Marley might have made at talking to him. Sometimes this involved literal ducking (behind corners or ... more
        • This isn't too bad - Anssi, Sat Aug 5 14:05
          So many of the older students at RMI used big words that Anssi didn’t recognize. He wasn’t sure if it was because they were showing off how smart they were to each other, or if using big words was... more
          • Could be worse, could be raining - Connor, Thu Aug 10 06:08
            Before today we have only done book research . Connor did not stare at the boy like he was an idiot, but he was tempted. Instead, he busied himself by focusing more intently on the ingredients he was ... more
            • Don't jinx it! - Anssi, Sat Aug 12 15:51
              Pleased at the older boy’s reciprocation, Anssi shook his hand. He tried to pay attention to this carefully. Hand-shaking was such a polite way to meet someone else, and he didn’t want to insult... more
              • We're in the wrong class for that! - Connor, Sun Aug 13 15:35
                Anssi was clearly incapable of speaking proper English, and Connor smiled politely while gritting his teeth. Why had RMI let some kid in who couldn’t speak English the right way? Were there remedial... more
                • Anssi hadn’t had many expectations for how the older boy might react to seeing the chocolate. Mostly because he hadn’t expected it would be any different from how people normally reacted to... more
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