Could be worse, could be raining
Thu Aug 10, 2017 06:08

Before today we have only done book research.

Connor did not stare at the boy like he was an idiot, but he was tempted. Instead, he busied himself by focusing more intently on the ingredients he was pulling from his potions kit. Of course Connor knew that the first years had only done book research in class thus far. That wasn’t what Connor had been talking about. If the boy came from a magical family, it wouldn’t be too unusual for him to have a little bit of experience with brewing potions. While Connor didn’t have a lot, for a little while before his first year they’d had a tutor who went over the basics about the coursework they’d be going into. Of course, he recognized that not everyone was as well-off as his family (and he mostly didn’t hold that against them) but again, that was a valid statement. Whereas the statement about book research wasn’t. Who was this boy that thought Connor had managed to not pay attention in class for the past two weeks? Once again, partnering with another classmate was not off to a good start. Connor made a promise to himself to partner with Claudia the next time they were directed to work with someone else. Claudia was from a good family, polite, and very pleasant company.

The boy also had a ridiculous name that had nothing to do with his actual name and sounded particularly foreign, but Connor politely shook his hand anyway. “Connor Farnon,” he said, only sounding a little bit dismissive of Anssi.

“It’s tincture of lionfish spine,” Connor said easily, doing his best not to sound superior. Clearly this boy hadn’t paid too much attention to the first part of class. Although the tincture wasn’t always in a basic potions kit, it was hardly unusual and Connor would bet that it had appeared in the research Professor Hier required the first years to do in the past two weeks. “As it’s very common and somewhat mild, it is the ideal thing to add to a potion. Of course,” Connor added, going under the assumption that this boy was, in fact, a little slow, “it is poisonous so we’ll have to add a purification agent to make sure that it isn’t deadly.” Assuming this boy even knew what a purification agent was, of course.

  • This isn't too bad - Anssi, Sat Aug 5 14:05
    So many of the older students at RMI used big words that Anssi didn’t recognize. He wasn’t sure if it was because they were showing off how smart they were to each other, or if using big words was... more
    • Could be worse, could be raining - Connor, Thu Aug 10 06:08
      • Don't jinx it! - Anssi, Sat Aug 12 15:51
        Pleased at the older boy’s reciprocation, Anssi shook his hand. He tried to pay attention to this carefully. Hand-shaking was such a polite way to meet someone else, and he didn’t want to insult... more
        • We're in the wrong class for that! - Connor, Sun Aug 13 15:35
          Anssi was clearly incapable of speaking proper English, and Connor smiled politely while gritting his teeth. Why had RMI let some kid in who couldn’t speak English the right way? Were there remedial... more
          • Anssi hadn’t had many expectations for how the older boy might react to seeing the chocolate. Mostly because he hadn’t expected it would be any different from how people normally reacted to... more
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