Then that makes two of us
Fri Aug 11, 2017 17:05

He recognized the other student as another first year, and after a lack of any stunning revelations it was pretty clear the other guy wasn’t a potions genius. Darn it. If Drew was working with an older student they might actually know something useful, or if he was working with Kit she would lick it to see if they could find out. Ironically, Huburt was nowhere to be found when Drew actually wanted him to be a walking encyclopedia.

Okay but wait actually Drew did know things for potions on his own, because of candy. Everyone knew that Fizzing Whizzbees used dried Billywig stings as the secret ingredient that made you float. It was one of those weird facts like how everyone accidentally eats seven spiders a year in their sleep, or how if you had a toad sit on a duck egg instead of a chicken egg then instead of a basilisk you would get a hodag, which was like a weird dinosaur-frog creature with elephant tusks. “I think Billywig stings make you float,” Drew told his yearmate. “That’s how they make Fizzing Whizzbees make you float. So it’d probably do the same in ice cream.” Drew considered the ingredient. “But fire crabs don’t breathe fire, they shoot fire out of their butts. ...maybe I should use something else.

“I’m Drew Tennant, by the way,” he said. He assumed that the other boy would make the connection between his last name and the guidance counselor’s; pretty much everyone knew he was a staff kid, except maybe transfers and first years, although Kit had probably told all the other first years by now. Drew didn’t mind, he just didn’t want their classmates to be weird around him because his dad and stepdad worked at the school. It was weird to switch to calling the staff “professor” when he’d been on first name terms (or close—he and Madeleine usually used things like “Mr. Arthur” or “Ms. Arianna,” except for Kaz, who was just Kaz, and Professor Boot, who had always been Professor Boot) this whole time, but Drew was getting used to it. (Except in Spellwork. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t get used to calling Aaron “Professor McKindy.”) But the good news was the whole staff treated him like everyone else, which was what he wanted.

Drew contemplated the fire crab jewels. What did they do? Only two ways to find out (and Drew wasn’t about to look it up so there was really only one way). Rob said they were okay to use (but didn’t hint at what they would do, which was pretty much what Drew expected) so now he really just had to choose if he wanted to risk burning his pants.

Or maybe his lab partner would check for him. Drew would just wait to try his ice cream until the other boy had tried his. “On second thought maybe they do make you breathe fire,” Drew said. “You could try some with the billywig stings if you want. Try to make the dragon thing happen. I don’t mind sharing, I’m just gonna not use the billywig.”

  • Count me too! - Corriander (Corri) Terrance, Tue Aug 8 23:25
    It was already about two hours after lunch and Corri was already hungry. He did eat lunch but he’s a growing boy and needs his calories, dammit. He had heard about all kinds of potions wizards make... more
    • Then that makes two of us - Drew, Fri Aug 11 17:05
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