Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:30

Marley was VERY excited about Teal having color-changing hair. Teal giggled at the other girl’s expression and tried to remember exactly how the ice cream had worked. “My hair sort of cycled through a whole bunch of colors? Like a rainbow, one at a time.” Marley replied by saying she'd love to be able to change her hair color at will, just like (apparently) Holland.

Holland, Teal knew, wasn’t a boy or a girl but rather an unfairly beautiful person. In her first year, Teal had been confused by their appearance and mentally called them “she” because they wore makeup, and girls wore makeup. Fortunately, before she ever interacted with Holland, someone else referred to the Lyra as “they” (maybe it was Susan?) and Teal caught on. Holland was a “they”, and they just happened to be better looking than most of the rest of the school put together. Teal had seen them with differently-colored hair many times, but she’d always thought that they dyed it. Using charms seemed easier (you wouldn't have to go make the potions each time).

Marley suggested alihotsy (Teal was afraid what would happen if she got any gigglier!) and then asked if Teal had an extra crokoa pod. Teal nodded and turned for her potions kit, when all of a sudden a tall, dark-haired woman ran into the classroom, holding a squawling BABY. The lady gave the class a perfunctory wave as she ran over to Professor Rob and dumped the baby in his arms.

Teal dropped her bag of crokoa pods. The little pods rolled onto the floor as she gawked at the baby. “Merlin’s beard! That must be Celia, and THAT’S their baby!” Teal scrambled for the pods, grabbed one, and slapped it on the table next to Marley. She leaned toward the other girl to explain their visitor.

That’s Professor Rob’s wife,” she said in a conspiratorial whisper. “Her name is Celia and she and Rob starting dating when they were students. I know cos my parents used to teach here and they taught them. And now they have a baby! I’ll have to tell Mom and Dad!”

A strange thought occurred to Teal. “Actually, my parents started dating here too. When they were both teachers, I mean,” she continued in a more normal tone. “What's up with people meeting at RMI and then getting married and having babies? Is there, like, something in the air that makes people fall in love?”

  • SCREAMING - Marley, Tue Aug 8 21:40
    Pulling a Crokoa pod out of her kit, Marley checked the board to make sure she only needed one. Whoops, no, two. Two pods. Did she have more pods? She pushed a clump of alihotsy to the side in order... more
    • GAWKING - TEAL, Sat Aug 12 10:30
      • BLUSHING - Marley, Sat Aug 12 16:31
        “Rainbow hair?” Marley echoed thoughtfully. “I guess if you just wanted colourful hair, that’d still be easier than having to learn how to do hair charms or potions or whatever. And also tastier,... more
        • SQUEAKING - Teal, Fri Aug 25 23:01
          Teal was delighted that Marley was so interested in her gossip. It was always fun when someone thought you were interesting, especially when that someone was also fun. She’d worried a bit that all... more
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