Raja Nazari-Richards
Lesson 1: nothing is normal around here.
Sat Aug 12, 2017 13:25

As far as Raja could tell, the only thing about being a second year was that you weren’t a first year anymore. Like, that was literally it. There was time now for building a reputation and things like that, although Raja was afraid he was already forming one as the Teacher’s Pet. Admittedly, it was hard not to be a teacher’s pet when you basically actually were and sometimes you forgot to not call your professor “Aunt”. But maybe that was an okay thing here, since the counselor was, like, Marissa’s grandpa or something, and she was basically the coolest girl in school (other than Teal Rosse, of course).

But yeah, not a lot changed in the second year. It was the same stuff, same level classes, except now there were some kids smaller than you and who had even less idea what was going on. Sometimes, though, Raja still didn’t really know what was going on. Like with girls in class. School was hard. He could pick up well enough if he made an effort, but he had better things to do than study outside of class, and sometimes in class he had a tendency to get a bit distracted, especially the “sit down and listen” ones. Raja much preferred to move around.

Potions was like a weird in between because they were seated just about the whole time, but at least they were actively doing stuff most of the time. Brewing was far more involved than listening, although sometimes he had to listen first and that part got him into trouble. Today he listened well enough, though, because there was ice cream on the line.

Raja decided to get to work, thus far not selecting a bonus ingredient but just prepping the basics. He was just through sorting his stuff out when he heard the kid next to him talking, asking for recommendations. The Aquila second year considered for a moment. “Well, I think I may go up and get some of that peppermint,” he stated. “Because that sounds like the safest option. Although knowing Professor Hier, I’m a little worried it’ll be, like, extra cold or something, and I’m not really interested in that kind of hardcore brain freeze. He likes to mess with us,” he added, although he imagined the first year had probably figured that out by now.

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    • Lesson 1: nothing is normal around here. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Aug 12 13:25
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