Don't jinx it!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 15:51

Pleased at the older boy’s reciprocation, Anssi shook his hand. He tried to pay attention to this carefully. Hand-shaking was such a polite way to meet someone else, and he didn’t want to insult Connor by squeezing his hand too tightly or too loosely. Really, there were classes for learning and practicing so many different types of things that Anssi thought there should also be hand-shaking classes. He had practiced a few times with Mamma and Pappa before they moved to America, something both his parents had agreed to do after he had explained to them how important it was for him to make a good impression on his new schoolmates. But the problem about only practicing with Mamma and Pappa was that even though their hand-shaking was different from each other, they both did it the same way every time, which wasn’t the same way that anyone else did it.

They made it through the hand-shaking without any problems, or at least not any that Anssi could tell. Then Connor began explaining what that liquid was, and Anssi felt a little confused all over again. He managed to nod in between the explanations, but otherwise was lost in thought. Tink-sure was a weird word. And lion-fish? Wow! He had read that name in some of his book research last week, and it sounded like a very cool type of animal. Anssi knew what fish was, duh, and he had never seen a lion for real but had seen them on television before, but it wasn’t until reading about the lion-fish used in potions that he had realized it was possible for the two very different animals to be put together.

Anssi wasn’t sure what he meant by pure-whatever, but he added one and two well enough to know that the older boy was intending to flavour their ice-cream with something poisonous that needed something extra also added to it in order to make it not poisonous. “I do not think-- I mean,” he backtracked, blushing, not wanting to sound like he was correcting someone his senior, “maybe I do not understand also, but I do not think it is having sense. Why want you to add a poison to ice-cream, instead of a thing we can be eating without the pure… the anti-poison? For example, maybe…” Thinking a moment, he picked up his knapsack and unzipped one of the small pouches to pull out a foil-wrapped Fazer. The dark chocolates were his favourite kind, and Mamma had so nicely sent him to RMI with a whole box; he tried to only have one on days when he missed home and hoped it would last him until Christmas break, at least, so that he could get more. “Chocolate?”

  • Could be worse, could be raining - Connor, Thu Aug 10 06:08
    Before today we have only done book research . Connor did not stare at the boy like he was an idiot, but he was tempted. Instead, he busied himself by focusing more intently on the ingredients he was ... more
    • Don't jinx it! - Anssi, Sat Aug 12 15:51
      • We're in the wrong class for that! - Connor, Sun Aug 13 15:35
        Anssi was clearly incapable of speaking proper English, and Connor smiled politely while gritting his teeth. Why had RMI let some kid in who couldn’t speak English the right way? Were there remedial... more
        • Anssi hadn’t had many expectations for how the older boy might react to seeing the chocolate. Mostly because he hadn’t expected it would be any different from how people normally reacted to... more
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