Sat Aug 12, 2017 19:51

Sara realized that the person besides her was a first-year, primarily because he was not in her year or the year above her. RMI classes were small and it was rather easy to memorize almost everyone in the school. The Lyra smiled at the boy and mused about his answer. She still had no idea what she wanted to attempt, but she was certain it couldn't be something super complicated because it might blow up on her face, literally, which wouldn't be the ideal thing to happen. It would be embarrassing. The second-year didn't really want ice-cream ingredients all over her face or classroom, not to mention that she didn't want Professor Heir to be involved. The girl didn't really trust him for whatever reason.

I think ill stick with vanilla ice-cream, she said playing with a strand of hair that came loose from her braid. And maybe have the ice-cream change colors? she asked herself. For a second she had forgotten that a younger boy had answered her initial question. It was easy for Sara to suddenly forget where she was. This was partly to blame for her very bad grades. Sara de Alba was prone to a lot of day-dreaming.

Sara finally looked at the other boy and realized she didn't know his name and blushed a little for her rudeness. I am Sara, she introduced herself with a small blush on her cheeks from her lack of name knowledge. She hoped he wouldn't mind her absentmindedness. She smiled and continued, I think we should stick to somewhat simple potions unless. I don't feel confident enough to attempt something too complicated, she explained with a slight chuckle. Her focus was completely on the boy.

  • om nom nom - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 8 12:10
    Om nom nom Now in his second week of classes, Satveer was settling in to the world of RMI. Classes had started, hed penned a letter for home and had gotten to grips with the majority of the... more
    • Exactly - Sara, Sat Aug 12 19:51
      • Bubble-gum Blue - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Aug 18 12:12
        As Sara introduced herself and cautiously suggest they stick to the less complicated potions, Satveer found himself both disheartened but nodding in agreement. The only real idea that sprung to mind... more
        • Is a fun color? - Sara, Sat Aug 19 23:42
          The Lyra lit up at the mention of the Muggle book her mother had given her a few years ago. She knew the story from start to finish and she loved every piece of it. Her smile widened at the Muggle... more
          • Smells nice too! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 22 09:08
            The emotion that rung through Sara was evidence enough that Satveer has struck an exciting chord. What if she was muggle born? Maybe she was really into muggle books? What ever it was, it was a good... more
            • This is the good stuff! - Sara, Fri Aug 25 13:07
              Sara pondered for a few minutes the suggestion the younger boy had offered. It sounded logical and doable, and yet she had the need to consult her textbook in case something catastrophic happened ... more
              • And now, begin! - Satveer, Wed Aug 30 11:38
                Satveer waited, poised for Saras response. "I dont have any, though. Do you? The words had but left Saras lips when Satveer delved his hand in his bag rummaging for the ingredient. As his hand... more
                • Yes! - Sara, Sun Sep 3 17:02
                  Sara had been watching Sam rummaged around his stuff for the ingredient they needed to work on his potion. The mexican girl was glad he had some of it and he proudly placed it on the desk. The... more
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