Dhruv Bansal
Not sweet enough!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 23:30

Dhruv was one of those kids who routinely left Potions class with minor injuries. He’d arguably gained a bit of a reputation for it, and he knew some students saw him as a mayhem maker as a result. He could appreciate that his mishaps were entertaining, but for him they were an important and serious endeavor. He was in the pursuit of true knowledge, and true knowledge didn’t come from diligently following the potions instructions set out each class. The Draco saw them more as guidelines, a starting point from which he could unleash his creative self. Potions was an art, and Dhruv was an eager apprentice, an inventor even.

As he walked into class that day he flashed a big grin at Professor Hier, probably his favorite teacher at RMI, and grabbed a seat. The lecture was short and sweet, perfect for Dhruv, and after a cursory glance at the board he began eyeing the ingredients with glee. All potions had practical uses, which was a large part of why Dhruv loved them, but this potion was particularly applicable to his life. The kid loved ice cream, always had: There was a home video of him as a one-year old eating mangoes and ice cream faster than his dad could get the next bite ready. His mom put it down to the fact that she had eaten atrocious amounts of ice cream while pregnant but the third-year was pretty sure he’d have come out loving the dessert either way.

He began grabbing ingredients haphazardly, waiting for his brain to catch up with his hands. There was always a method to his madness but sometimes it took a while for him to figure it out. It was as he was grabbing the cream that Dhruv remembered that he was probably supposed to be working with a partner. Glancing to his left, he took in Alistair’s innocent question and grinned. The Draco’s partners tended to either be unwilling victims or inspired fellow scientists, and for now he could hope that Alistair would be the latter.

“Okay, so I was thinking we could use the billywig stings for the cool effect – I’m pretty sure they’ll make us float. And then we can add peppermint for taste along with…hold on.” Dhruv rummaged around in his potions kit before pulling out a handful of what looked like bright yellow burrs. “Goosegrass fruit. They’re kinda like coffee beans, but with less caffeine.” He glanced at Professor Hier and then back at Alistair. “I know we’re only supposed to pick one ingredient, but who the heck likes ice cream without any stuff in it, right?”

  • How sweet is it? - Alistair Hazelhurst, Wed Aug 9 21:46
    Alistair generally loved making food in the kitchen with his grandmother. It was one of the only times where he really felt like he was having a "normal" grandparent/grandchild relationship with her. ... more
    • Not sweet enough! - Dhruv Bansal, Sat Aug 12 23:30
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