We're in the wrong class for that!
Sun Aug 13, 2017 15:35

Anssi was clearly incapable of speaking proper English, and Connor smiled politely while gritting his teeth. Why had RMI let some kid in who couldn’t speak English the right way? Were there remedial classes for that? Connor supposed there must be, as English was kind of an important skill for, well, magic. Although - other cultures did have magic. Was it just very primitive or did they use English as well? Well, actually, spells weren’t typically in English. They were usually in Latin or Greek or other old languages that Connor didn’t understand and just memorized words for. But they were in the right alphabet, anyway. How did people from countries that used different alphabets learn the spells?

But that was too much hypothetical thinking for the middle of a class, so Connor tore himself away from the what-ifs and back to the here and now of his partner who didn’t understand how potions worked. His partner who then pulled out food in a potions lab.

“Put that away!” Connor exclaimed, snatching the chocolate bar out of the boy’s hand and leaning over to shove it back in his bag. “It’s a potions lab, you don’t just pull a snack out of your bag. Weren’t you listening during the safety lesson?” It seemed like paying attention and absorbing information were not this kid’s strong suit, and Connor could foresee it becoming a fairly large problem fairly quickly.

“Anyway,” the third year said, straightening his robes and returning to preparing his ingredients, “using something boring like chocolate isn’t the point of the lesson. Muggle ice cream is dull and we’re supposed to be making something interesting. Did you have trouble understanding Professor Hier?” Connor asked, a little condescendingly, ignoring their professor’s preference for his students to use his first name instead of his academic honorific and last name. To be fair, Professor Hier did speak oddly and it had taken Connor a little while to adjust to his accent. It wasn’t an accent like Anssi’s, Professor Hier clearly spoke English, but it was definitely an accent. There were rumors that Professor Hier had a stroke and that was why he was in a wheelchair and spoke strangely, but that didn’t make sense to Connor. Strokes were something that happened in older people and while Connor was not the best judge of age, Professor Hier had a young daughter so he clearly wasn’t that old.

  • Don't jinx it! - Anssi, Sat Aug 12 15:51
    Pleased at the older boy’s reciprocation, Anssi shook his hand. He tried to pay attention to this carefully. Hand-shaking was such a polite way to meet someone else, and he didn’t want to insult... more
    • We're in the wrong class for that! - Connor, Sun Aug 13 15:35
      • Anssi hadn’t had many expectations for how the older boy might react to seeing the chocolate. Mostly because he hadn’t expected it would be any different from how people normally reacted to... more
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