He's He!
Thu Aug 17, 2017 15:35

Remington recognized the very excited red-head from a few of her other classes. Still, her brown eyes blinked in surprise. She couldn’t remember the younger girl’s name. She felt a little bad about that; there weren’t that many first years and this one was especially energetic and bouncy. It couldn’t be that hard to remember her name. Did she even know any of the first years’ names? Remy mentally frowned. That wasn’t too nice of her. She’d have to do better. Not that she was entirely to blame, though. She almost always worked with Dade in classes, so she didn’t really meet other people.

Anyway, this people person brought her something for the ice cream. Remington recognized them as billywig stings, and she held back a sigh. Of course it was the one ingredient she was unsure of.

“I don’t know what those are, but I can lick them if you want!”

Again, Remington blinked. And she quickly went through a pros and cons process in her head. She didn’t know what billywig stings did with this potion. It was (pretty) unlikely that Rob would give them something that would be deadly if they ingested it. Licking would probably be even less dangerous. Remington didn’t understand why anyone would want to lick random ingredients they didn’t recognize, but she couldn’t help but be super tempted by the offer. Plus, Dade seemed to be in a pretty epic state of grump today – not that that was different from any other day – and she knew this would be something that would make him smile. Remington was also super curious about how many different things she could get the red-head to lick before the end of the class.

It was for science, right?

This entire thought process happened in less than three seconds, probably shorter, and she grinned. “If you want to lick them to see what happens, I won’t stop you! But only lick one. If we decide that’s what we want to put in the ice cream, we have to have Not Licked ones to use, you know?” Remington held out her hand. “I’m Remington! I’m a Draco in second year. It’s really nice to meet you. What’s your name?”

  • He? Who's he? - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 7 21:48
    So far Potions had been infinity times boringer than Kit had expected it to be. She knew Rob was pretty cool, not only had she met him a bunch of times last year BUT Marissa thought that Rob was... more
    • He's He! - Remington, Thu Aug 17 15:35
      • He who? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 08:36
        The girl’s name was Remington and she was encouraging Kit to lick as many things as she wanted as long as there was enough left to use for the potion, so Kit liked her immediately. Drew was boring... more
        • That one, over there! - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:39
          Remington’s hand was slightly numb from the very enthusiastic handshake she’d gotten from Kit, so that was interesting. And the girl was a talker. The Draco considered herself to be a nice and... more
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