He who?
Fri Aug 18, 2017 08:36

The girl’s name was Remington and she was encouraging Kit to lick as many things as she wanted as long as there was enough left to use for the potion, so Kit liked her immediately. Drew was boring and had just said that since she clearly wanted to lick them she should just go ahead and lick them already, which was different than what Remington had said, somehow. Maybe it was because Drew was what Dad liked to call “a sobering influence” which was a nice way of saying that if Drew was left to his own devices he’d just sit there and be boring, which was why it was Kit’s job to make sure he did cool things, like lick ingredients for things. They couldn’t be poisonous because they were supposed to put them in ice cream, so Kit wasn’t worried at all.

“I’m Kit,” the first year responded, taking Remington’s hand and shaking it enthusiastically. “I’m in Lyra and I’m a first year.” She paused. “Well my full name is Katherine but not even Mom calls me that unless I’m in a lot of trouble, Then she’ll say ‘Katherine Alice Kendrick’ - Alice is my middle name - and then I’ll be in big trouble.” To be fair, Kit didn’t get in big trouble a whole lot. Drew was pretty good at keeping them out of trouble, although Kit was not bad at getting them into it.

The redhead looked at the things in her hand and put most of them down on the table. Then she held one up to the light, looked at it for a second, then brought it close to her mouth and licked it. It tasted a little bit like pinecone, so she licked it again. Was it a pinecone needle? Wait, pinecones didn’t have needles. Pinecone trees did. Was it a pinecone tree needle? Kit carefully put the thing in her mouth and sucked on it, still holding it between two fingers. Then she took it out of her mouth, looked at it, and put it on the table in front of them (making sure to keep it separate from the other ones).

“It tastes like a pinecone tree,” Kit declared. She knew what a pinecone tree tasted like because she’d licked pinecone tree needles after finding out from somewhere that some people made tea out of them. She hadn’t seen the appeal but she also didn’t like tea very much. It didn’t taste as strongly as the other things she liked, like orange soda.

All of a sudden, Kit realized that she was a little bit further above the table than she had been a moment ago. And then she was even higher. And even higher! She looked down. Her feet were definitely no longer on the ground - they were about six inches above it. “Wow hey Remington, look at this!” Kit said excitedly. If those were pinecone tree needles, it sure was a good pinecone tree to make this happen!

  • He's He! - Remington, Thu Aug 17 15:35
    Remington recognized the very excited red-head from a few of her other classes. Still, her brown eyes blinked in surprise. She couldn’t remember the younger girl’s name. She felt a little bad about... more
    • He who? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 08:36
      • That one, over there! - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:39
        Remington’s hand was slightly numb from the very enthusiastic handshake she’d gotten from Kit, so that was interesting. And the girl was a talker. The Draco considered herself to be a nice and... more
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