Satveer (Sam) Mittal
Bubble-gum Blue
Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:12

As Sara introduced herself and cautiously suggest they stick to the less complicated potions, Satveer found himself both disheartened but nodding in agreement. The only real idea that sprung to mind wasn’t really… well, it would have a limited affect in his eyes.

“Hi Sara, I’m Sam” he grinned at the second year. “My Bebbe used to make great vanilla ice cream in India.” he paused realising Sara may not know what he was talking about. “Bebbe is my grandmother. She would mix fresh vanilla and a little rat tail, and some other things. Bebbe didn’t have much hair but it was funny to watch!” he tailed off chuckling to himself.

Satveer pondered over the effect. He knew what to do with rat tail (or at least, he’d seen it done enough times to try it) but again, the affect was limited. Satveer rubbed his head, stroking his fingers through his tightly bound hair until they hit his patka.

Satveer thumbed through his text book. He didn’t yet understand it but he had hopes of inspiration flying from the pages. Sadly nothing of use came to mind. He wanted something safe but fun. Looking at Sara for inspiration. Well, expectation almost – she was the second year. She’d got more experience at this surely?

With no better ideas, he decided to go ahead with his original idea. With the decision, a childhood memory of a book came flooding back. Then a wide grin happened across Satveer’s face “I have an idea, well kind of an idea” he stated, hoping to maintain Sara’s attention. “Have you ever read the muggle book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” he asked rhetorically, not leaving enough time for Sara to process the question, yet alone an answer. “Well there is a girl who turns blue from eating magic bubble-gum. I don’t want to turn blue but if we could make my hair turn blue and smell like bubble-gum. That’d be awesome.” Unable to gauge Sara’s reaction, Satveer enquired “do you think I could pull that off?”

  • Exactly - Sara, Sat Aug 12 19:51
    Sara realized that the person besides her was a first-year, primarily because he was not in her year or the year above her. RMI classes were small and it was rather easy to memorize almost everyone... more
    • Bubble-gum Blue - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Aug 18 12:12
      • Is a fun color? - Sara, Sat Aug 19 23:42
        The Lyra lit up at the mention of the Muggle book her mother had given her a few years ago. She knew the story from start to finish and she loved every piece of it. Her smile widened at the Muggle... more
        • Smells nice too! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 22 09:08
          The emotion that rung through Sara was evidence enough that Satveer has struck an exciting chord. What if she was muggle born? Maybe she was really into muggle books? What ever it was, it was a good... more
          • This is the good stuff! - Sara, Fri Aug 25 13:07
            Sara pondered for a few minutes the suggestion the younger boy had offered. It sounded logical and doable, and yet she had the need to consult her textbook in case something catastrophic happened –... more
            • And now, begin! - Satveer, Wed Aug 30 11:38
              Satveer waited, poised for Sara’s response. "I don’t have any, though. Do you?” The words had but left Sara’s lips when Satveer delved his hand in his bag rummaging for the ingredient. As his hand... more
              • Yes! - Sara, Sun Sep 3 17:02
                Sara had been watching Sam rummaged around his stuff for the ingredient they needed to work on his potion. The mexican girl was glad he had some of it and he proudly placed it on the desk. The... more
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