Darlene Knight
Please use your indoor voice to receive ice cream
Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:49

Professor Hier - Rob? - was a strange man. First and foremost, he just wanted them to call him Rob, which was weird because he was an adult in an authority position and they were just children. It was like calling a parent by name: simply unnatural. Additionally, he spent a lot of time fooling with them, which was difficult because, while she would never admit it, Darlene was quite gullible and found it hard to know when the man was serious and when he wasn’t. The school year was still very young, and she had already lost all faith and trust in the man who was supposed to teach her for the next seven years.

She felt bad for disliking him because of his disability, but the fact remained that he was just a weird, unprofessional man. Although that was sort of paying off today, because even Darlene couldn’t resist ice cream. Reserved and judgmental or not, she was still an eleven year old. Mother kept her very conscious of her soon-to-come figure, so she didn’t get to have sweets too terribly often, but Darlene had been very good since getting to RMI, so she decided that she had earned today’s little adventure, especially since it was a part of a lesson.

As she set up her kit and reread the instructions on the board, it occurred to her that most of those things were actually really gross. A lot of things used in magic were, objectively, rather disgusting, but Darlene supposed everyone just did their best to ignore it for the sake of its magical effect. Plus, at least in this case it would result in hopefully delicious ice cream, so she took a breath and pushed away the thought.

A boy beside her spoke, and she smiled at the niceness of his question. “That would be wonderful, actually. Thank you. I’d like the billywig stigs, please.” She decided that peppermint was too innocuous and had to be a trap, so she was going with something that seemed less actually pleasant. “I’m Darlene,” she added hastily, realizing she didn’t know the boy’s name yet. It was a bit of a surprise to be somewhere and not know everyone’s names and home locations, so she was still having to learn all the new names and faces here. Of course, she thought she knew the first and second years in Lyra by name now (and it was impossible not to know one’s roommate’s name, face, and entire range of vocal intonations when one was sharing a room with Miss Kit Kendrick), but this boy was not one of her Housemates, and she couldn’t remember offhand who he was.

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    • Please use your indoor voice to receive ice cream - Darlene Knight, Sat Aug 19 11:49
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