Hunter Ioma
Challenge Accepted!
Sat Aug 19, 2017 15:17

Once Claudia pointed it out, Hunter noticed that indeed there were two sets of bags and ingredients in front of them, so they could each make whatever they like on their own. Which was cool, because the wormwood smelled good and if he wasn’t going to combine stuff together to see what happens then what exactly was life for?

“Definitely gonna combine it all together and see what happens, then” he said, at roughly the same time Claudia asked if he had made up his mind, which was pretty convenient because probably that was the answer to her question.

His decision made, Hunter started on his ingredients. One of them was leeches, and Hunter’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “I didn’t know there were leeches in ice cream!” he exclaimed. He turned to look at Claudia and blinked a few times, reconciling this new information into his understanding of the universe. After a few moments he shrugged and said “learn something new every day, I guess,” and started cutting the leeches up as small as he could manage. He didn’t mind eating leeches if it was for tasty, tasty ice cream, but he didn’t want to know he was eating leeches while doing so.

After the leeches, Hunter cut everything else up as quickly as he could. He didn’t really like the cutting things up part and couldn’t wait to find out what the ice cream would do. Once he was done preparing the ingredients he grabbed a bag and put them in it, then blinked a few times. There were two bags, he remembered, and the not-rock-salt was supposed to go in a specific one. Hunter narrowed his eyes and examined the bag closely, trying to remember what Rob had said. He was pretty sure the ingredients were supposed to go in the small bag, which was the one he was holding, so that was good. “Lucky the first bag we needed was on top!” He commented aloud. “That could have been awkward…”

Hunter then started shaking the bag before remembering that he still needed to add the cream and sugar, which he hadn’t really paid attention to yet because they didn’t need any preparation. So he added those things to the small bag and started shaking again, before remembering that the small bag was supposed to go into the larger bag with frozen rock salt. So Hunter put down the small bag, grabbed the larger bag, filled it about halfway with rock salt, sealed it, tossed it up into the air, pulled out his wand in time to point it at the bag and track it as it started its decent, and shouted “glacius!” once the bag came within reach of the spell so that it landed with a satisfying clack! on the table just as the blast of cold from the wand finished.

  • I guess things could be worse - Claudia, Tue Aug 8 03:31
    Hunter was one of the many younger students about whom Claudia had no real opinion. It felt to her like he might be a little clumsy, but she didn't know whether this opinion was formed from having... more
    • Challenge Accepted! - Hunter Ioma, Sat Aug 19 15:17
      • Oh no - Claudia, Mon Aug 21 10:16
        Hunter reacted well to being told he would not be working with her after all. Pleased with their situation for the time being, Claudia silently set about meticulously preparing her ingredients. She... more
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