Maverick Buchannan
Having a blast.
Sun Aug 20, 2017 17:40



A chunk of marble fell from the block, clattering loudly to the ground. “Reducto!” Maverick repeated to the same end. He had levitated the large block here to the lab to work on his sculpture, and now that he had the thing here, he was starting off by blasting the hell out of it. He had found in the past that starting off with some fire power made the process a lot quicker than spending forever chiseling what was clearly going to be excess. Plus, it was more fun, and a lot more therapeutic. A chisel might have been more exact, but this was just the basic outline anyway, and Mave had gotten pretty good with his aim, as well as channeling just how large a shot he wanted from the tip of his wand.

Reducto!” He cast again, this time shaving off a portion in the middle of the side. It would eventually have to become a human torso, which would be flavored by a curving crack down the front. On one side of the line, the body would be masculine, and the other would be feminine. It was symbolic or something. Anyway, he had seen sign ups for the talent show, and when he learned there was going to be an art gallery, it had given him the burst of motivation he needed to finally get this image out of his head. He’d have to ask Mr. Tennant what the rules were on nipples in the art, probably, but the counselor seemed decent enough and would probably understand the necessity of uncensored art.


Mave froze. That one wasn’t him or his art. It was indicative of someone else entering the room. “Who the hell-” he snapped as he turned to face the source of the sound.

    • Room for one more? - Holland Keene, Mon Aug 21 22:03
      Unfortunately, the sixth-years-and-Emmett friend group had been nothing but drama lately. First there was Marissa having sex with Ruben. Holland was over Ruben (and they had not slept with him) but... more
      • Depends on the one. - Maverick, Tue Aug 22 17:08
        Mave hadn’t consciously pulled his wand on Holland, but he’d been using his wand when he had been startled, and his immediate instinct when surprised was to defend himself, so he supposed it wasn’t... more
        • Do I pass muster? - Holland, Wed Aug 23 17:36
          Holland liked Maverick, but he was a loner, which they weren’t really used to in a friend. Since second year, their five-person group had been spending just about every spare moment together, so... more
          • I suppose so. - Maverick, Wed Aug 23 18:25
            Mave glanced between the block and Holland. He sighed. Holland was so damn positive and, seemingly, so genuinely interested. “It’s like.. Okay, so the idea is that it’s a chest. But like, half is... more
            • Real chatty, aren’t you? - Holland, Thu Aug 24 16:15
              “No, I like it,” Holland protested. “If the idea is important to you, then you should make it. Why do you think it’s dumb now?” They weren’t, like, a scholar of art, but it sounded like the kind of... more
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